Aidan Plemons and Adam Voss

Teens Rescue Woman and Her Dog

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Two teens rescued a woman and her dog who fell through the icy waters of Wolf Lake.  Aidan Plemons and Adam Voss were riding their bikes on the trail along Wolf Lake when they heard a woman’s cry for help.

A north Hammond woman was walking her unleashed dog along the trail when her dog ran onto the ice and fell through.  The woman went after the dog and became stuck in the water.  The teens sprang into action to pull the woman and her dog to safety until the Fire Department arrived.

“The quick actions of Aidan and Adam brought about a happy ending that could have been a devastating outcome for the woman and her dog,” stated Mayor McDermott.  “I am very proud of these young men.”

“Although ice is forming on bodies of water around the city, it’s only a thin layer given the warmer temperatures,” stated Fire Chief Jeff Smith.  “When walking around bodies of water, please keep pets on a leash.”