Human Relations


Hammond City Hall, Room 115
5925 Calumet Avenue (map)
Hammond, IN 46320
Phone: 219-853-6502
Fax: 219-853-6538
Email: Click here

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm



  • Barbara Reedus - Executive Director
  • Fred Vasquez - Investigator
  • Ronald Mullins - Chairperson
  • Anne Herbert - 1st Vice Chairperson
  • Gabriela Gallegos - 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • Gary Wilson
  • Kristen Hill
  • Gladys Hilliard
  • Carrie Hutton
  • Alberto Ochoa
  • Ivonne Rocha

Mission Statement

The Hammond Human Relations Commission strives to insure for all citizens equal opportunity in education, employment, business opportunity, access to public accommodations and acquisition through the purchase or rental of housing or other real property regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, place of birth, disability or familial status (housing only). The Commission will endeavor to improve relationships between persons of different races, creeds, nationalities, sexes and disabilities within the City of Hammond. The Commission will work with all racial, ethnic, gender, disabled and religious groups to improve communication and understanding in order to eliminate discriminatory practices.

  • Enforce Human Relations Ordinance Number 4920 (as amended)
  • Receive, file investigate and/or conciliate complaints of discrimination
  • Conduct educational and outreach programs intended to promote the equal rights of all persons
  • Provide technical assistance to the public and private sectors regarding civil rights laws, diversity issues and other relevant information
  • Participate in City of Hammond programs and network with community organizations
  • Coordinate activities for the Mayor’s Housing Initiative Task Force and Diversity Coalition of Hammond
  • Conduct regular monthly meetings on the 1st Wednesday of the month, at 5:30pm, Hammond City Hall Conference Room 113

Organizations and Memberships

  • Community Center Development Corporation
  • Indiana Consortium of State/Local Human Rights Agencies
  • International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies
  • National Association of Human Rights Workers

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