Recycling Program

The City of Hammond has partnered with Republic Services to provide a new recycling program for city residents. Every household within the city limits will receive a 95-gallon recycle cart.

These durable, plastic wheeled carts are designed specifically for residential customers. They feature a permanently attached lid and a handle that allows for easy maneuvering. They are convenient and easy to store and use.

All your recyclables can be placed in the recycling cart without sorting. The new carts are easy to fill, withstand the elements and provide a neater look throughout the neighborhood on collection day. A hinged lid keeps material in and pests out.

“The environment is everyone’s responsibility. As your mayor, it is my job to make sure the City of Hammond is doing everything possible to create a healthy environment. I am extremely excited about our new recycling program and would ask all of our residents to participate. Every item you recycle is one less item that ends up in a landfill. It is my goal to make the City of Hammond a leader on environmental issues.”

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr.

How the new recycling program works

  • Recycling collection service will begin Tuesday, July 1st.
  • Collection days are Monday through Friday. Please use the color-coded map to determine your collection day.
  • Please have your recycling cart out by 6 a.m. on your scheduled service day.
  • Single-stream recycling means that all recyclable material is placed in one cart. There is no need to separate your recyclable materials.
  • Carts are to be placed in the same location that the trash is serviced (alleys if applicable).
  • Recycling collection service will be pushed back one (1) day following a holiday – excluding Sundays.
  • Republic Services observes six (6) holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Please follow the recycling chart to determine items that can be recycled and those that cannot be collected through the City’s recycling program
  • If the cart breaks or is damaged, please call the City of Hammond Public Works at 853-6431 and a replacement will be delivered to you. We ask that every resident records the serial number that is located on the back of the cart in the event that the cart is stolen or damaged.

The program works best when everyone does it correctly. These are a few reminders about the recycling program:

  • Recycling is collected every other week. Please see the map on the inside page for the schedule for your area.
  • Use the recycling cart that has been provided. If you have more recyclables than will fit in your cart, set them out in a recycling bin or paper bag next to the cart.
  • Break down cardboard boxes and place them next to the cart.
  • All containers should be rinsed and free of food, caps and lids.
  • Don’t use the recycling cart for refuse or yard waste disposal. Use it only for the items listed in this guide.

For information on the City of Hammond Recycling Program, please contact Republic Services at 800-828-2253.

The Yes’s and No’s of your Recycling Cart

Please review this list of items that can be recycled. If you have questions about whether something can be recycled, please contact Republic Services at 800-828-2253. Many items that are not accepted in the program can be recycled by other means. Also visit for tips and information on recycling items not on this list.

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