Upcoming April 1, 2020 Census Day

Welcome to the City of Hammond’s Census Information Page.

Here you will find basic information about the population characteristics of the residents in Hammond.

As many people know, the Census Bureau, which is a part of the U. S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for keeping tract of the information about those who live in our country. The Census Bureau does this in many ways, but the two primary ways that most people may know about is the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey.

The Decennial Census means that the Census or the counting of the people is done every ten years. Every 10 years, forms are mailed out to every household in the country for the residents to complete and mail back by April 1, which is the official Census Day. The forms consist of 20 questions that seek out basic information about age, race, ethnicity, and whether the dwelling is owned, rented, or vacant.

The American Community Survey is conducted every year. One out of every six households is mailed a longer and more detailed form. This form seeks information about ancestry, commuting to work, disability, education, employment, income, language spoken at home, poverty, and veteran status. Many people are uncomfortable about providing this information, but the Census Bureau has very sophisticated security and privacy standards to protect this data. But this data is very important, as it is used to determine how federal money is spent on schools; housing; child care; income assistance; grants for seniors, children, and the indigent; and more. Private industry uses this data to determine where their company will locate for the customers who will purchase their products or services, or to find a city where there are enough residents who meet their criteria in order to hire them.

For further information on the Census or the American Community Survey, please look at www.census.gov.

The following data is available on this website. Please click the link below. The data is provided on a city-wide basis or by three different geographical areas. You can see the data with an associated map of the geographical area by either: Census Tract, Council District, or Planning District. On these maps, you can click on the geographical area and a new map will pop up to show the geography and the basic Census data available.

Data Maps

2010 Census at Council District Level
2010 Census at Tract Level
2010 Census at Planning District Level
2010 City Wide Map