WALKABLE USA Documentary Released in Downtown Hammond, IN

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Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. and the Department of Planning and Development are pleased to announce that premier network broadcast of WALKABLE USA, a documentary over four years in the making, focusing on the revitalization of downtown Hammond, Indiana. “The downtown part of our city is so important for our psyche in Hammond,” said Mayor McDermott. “If we expect our downtown to thrive, we really need to slow the traffic down… and make it more walkable. And we’re going to do it.” See below for network broadcast times on PBS later this month.

The hour-long film premiered at the Towle Theater on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 to a packed crowd of stakeholders, sponsors and invested citizens in Hammond. “WALKABLE USA couldn’t have shown the importance of walkability to a transitioning downtown core better,” said Anne Taylor, Executive Director of Planning and Development. “This film captures the essence of Hammond and shows all the hard work the City is doing to make the vision of a vibrant downtown into a reality.”

Director and Producer of WALKABLE USA, Tom Desch, said that Hammond “embraced the production with open arms and was excited to share its efforts.” Along with his editor Mike Meyers and Assoc. Producer Pat Wisniewski, Desch has created a film that fully conveys the importance of walkability and shows how a walkable design can improve a space, such as downtown Hammond, and create a lively neighborhood once again; reimaged and improved.

You can view the full documentary on Lakeshore Media PBS channel 56 or on your cable or streaming provider:

December 28th at 8pm CST
December 31st at 11am CST

And here is a helpful link on how to watch it: