Trail Closures Announced Due To Wolf Lake Construction Project

CATEGORY: Hammond Port Authority, News

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. and the Hammond Port Authority are excited to announce the commencement of construction on the Wolf Lake Memorial Park Enhancement, Expansion, and Connectivity Construction Project.

The major components of the project will include relocation of 100-years-old water mains that used to run along Old Sheffield Avenue, the expansion of parking lots to north and south of the New Sheffield Parkway, enhancements to the trails through and around the Pavilion Park Area. The project will also include a new ticket booths, decorative wrought iron fencing around the perimeter of the concert area along with a pedestrian gathering area outside of the dedicated concert area. This project will offer a safe means for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Calumet Avenue.

Beginning Friday, October 6th, a small portion of the George Lake Trail from the Environmental Education Center south to the 125th Trail will be closed for construction. The crosswalk on the west side of 125th Street and the small parking lot on the east side of 125th and Calumet Avenue will also close as a safety precaution.

The remainder of trails and parking lots will remain open until further notice. The launch ramp is also scheduled to remain open until the end of the season.

The Wolf Lake Memorial Park Enhancement, Expansion, and Connectivity Construction Project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2018.