Sanitary District Will Provide Flood Data to Governor’s Office

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As the cleanup from the September 17, 2023 rain event starts to wind down and homeowners take stock of damage, Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott, Jr. has been informed by State Representative Carolyn Jackson, Indiana House District 1, that she has contacted Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s office regarding the flooding in parts of Hammond on September 17. Representative Jackson has requested the Hammond Sanitary District to supply the Governor’s office with a list of the 500+ homes affected by the storm.
“I am unsure at this time what the Governor’s office is able to do, if anything, to help Hammond residents impacted by the rain event”, stated Representative Jackson. “Any assistance the Governor’s office does provide will be greatly appreciated.”
On September 17th, the City of Hammond experienced a significant rain event causing backups in over 500 homes in North and Central Hammond. The total rainfall for the day was over four inches in only a seven-hour period with over two of those inches in one hour. The Sewer Department employees have been working continuously talking to homeowners affected, inspecting homes, and filing reports since the storm began. Of the 500+ basement backups recently, nearly 40% had a basement backup in the past.
“I appreciate the efforts of Representative Jackson and especially all the hard work and hours put in by the employees of the Hammond Sanitary District and Sewer Department to assist our residents,” stated Mayor McDermott. “Whether or not the Governor’s office can assist Hammond residents affected by the flooding they experienced, I encourage all residents to take advantage of the Hammond Sanitary District’s backflow preventer program to prevent these types of issues in the future.”

The backflow preventer program is open to all Hammond homeowners and is a device that will in almost all instances prevent a basement backup. The work must be done by a licensed plumber permitted to work in the City of Hammond. The Sanitary District will reimburse the homeowner up to $2,000 towards the installation. For more information on this program please contact the Hammond Sanitary District at 219-853-6413 or check their website at