Notice of Sale and Disposal of Personal Property Owned by the City of Hammond

CATEGORY: News, Public Notices

The City of Hammond through its Board of Public Works and Safety gives notice, pursuant to Indiana Code 5-22-22-1 et seq. that the Public Works Department has certain personal property owned by the City of Hammond that it wishes to dispose of by sealed bids (L.C. 5-22-22-5). Pursuant to 1.C. 5-22-22-3 the property is no longer needed or is unfit for the purpose for which it was intended.

The time, place, and manner of the disposal shall be as follows:

  1. The property will be available for viewing between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at the City of Hammond Public Works Department located at 601 Conkey Street, Hammond, Indiana. A list of the property is included below.
  2. Forms for bidding are available at the City of Hammond Public Works Department located at 601 Conkey Street, Hammond, Indiana. The Department of Public Works may be contacted at (219) 853-6431 with any questions about the sale.
  3. Sealed bids made on the form provided will be accepted at the City of Hammond Public Works Department at 601 Conkey Street, Hammond, Indiana until 2:00pm central time (local Hammond time) on Saturday, May 22, 2021. No bids will be accepted after this time. The City of Hammond reserves the right to waive irregularities, to cancel any sale, remove any item of personal property at any time from bidding, and reject any and all bids at its sole discretion for any legal reason.
  4. Sealed bids shall then be opened at 2:30pm at the City of Hammond Public Works Department at 601 Conkey Street, Hammond, Indiana, and read aloud at that time. Each piece of property shall be sold to the highest responsible bidder who shall comply with any requirements for removal of the property from the Public Works Department within forty-eight (48) hours of the sale and shall pay over to the City of Hammond the winning bid amount on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Failure to pay on Saturday, May 22, 2021, shall be cause for canceling any winning bid and awarding the property to the next highest responsible bidder.

The list of the property being disposed is as follows:

(OLD 46/71) 2005 Chevy Pickup-VIN# 1GCHK24U25E296008
(OLD 41) 2005 Chevy Pickup VIN#1GCHK24U55E273371
(OLD 260) 2013 Leach International Garbage Truck-VIN# 1HTWGAZTSDJ300824

(OLD 93) 2004 SWEEPER-VIN# 1J9VM3H664C172062
(OLD 93) 2004 Sweeper- VIN# 119VM3H624C172060
(OLD 94) 2012 Sweeper -VIN# 1G9GM3HISCS462019
(OLD 95) 2004 Sweeper- VIN# 19VM3H604C172073
(OLD 78) 2008 Chevy Pickup- VIN# 1GCHK29K18E156611
(OLD 40) 2001 Chevy Pickup - VIN# 1GCHK24U017295572
(OLD 2) 2009 Vermeer Chipper- VIN# BC-2001-342
(OLD 103) 2005 Crack Sealer - VIN# 05-110-262A
(OLD 70) 2008 Chevy Trailblazer - VIN# 1GNET13M782203623
(OLD 100) 2005 Ford Van with boom - VIN# 1FTSE34Z85HA75019
(OLD 2) 2012 Ford F550 with dump- VIN# 1FDUFSHY6CEA66725
(OLD 5) 2012 Ford F550 with dump -VIN# 1FDUFSHYOCEA66722

(OLD 511) 1993 Chevy half ton Pickup - VIN# 1GCEC14H9PZ172813
(OLD 516) 2005 Chevy Pickup- VIN# 16CHK24U45E271627
(OLD 517) 1993 Chevy half ton Pickup - VIN# 1GCEC14H6PZ173580
(OLD 524) 2008 Chevy Pickup - VIN# 1GCHK29K48E115891
(OLD 529) 2006 Small Chevy Dump - VIN# 1GBJK34U26E172110
(OLD 541) 1993 International Bucket Boom Truck- VIN# 1HTSDPPN9PH5135889
(OLD 558) 2000 Ford Crown Victoria - VIN# 2FAFP71W3YX200956
(OLD 107) 2005 John Deere Hi lift- VIN# 602326
(OLD 518) 2005 Chevy 3/4/ ton Pickup - VIN# 1GCHK24U65E270169
(4010) 750 Tractor with auger attach - VIN# CHO750S026886
(4021) 770 Tractor with bellymount deck- VIN# MOO770A120119
(4027) 77o Tractor with bellymount deck-VIN# MO0770A120136
(4031) 790 Tractor with ps- VIN# LVO790G473055
Old Chipper -vIN# 1VRM131TX1000398
2005 Chipper- VIN# 1VRY1520141000129