Notice of Public Comment Period

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Pursuant to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, the City of Hammond has prepared its 2017-2021 Consolidated Plan and 2017 Annual Action Plan that describes the resources available and the proposed use of those resources to meet the community development, affordable housing, and homeless priority needs of the City. A summary of resources and expected uses is provided below.

Notice is hereby given that the City of Hammond, Department of Planning and Development, will make its draft 2017-2021 Consolidated Plan available for public review and comment beginning January 1st, 2017. The City will consider all written comments received before February 1st, 2017. The complete document will be available on the City’s website at and in Room 115 at City Hall, 5925 Calumet Avenue.

Please submit all written comments to Mrs. Owana Miller, Community Development Director, at 5925 Calumet Avenue, Room 115, Hammond IN 46320.  The City will accept and consider all comments received before 4:30 PM on February 1st, 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Miller at (219) 853-6358.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) $1,971,672
HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) $546,952
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) $176,903
TOTAL $2,695,527

CHDO Affordable Housing Development $474,909
CHDO Operational Support $17,348
Program Administration $54,695
TOTAL $546,952

Homebound Downpayment Assistance $200,000
Homeowner Façade/Roof Program $50,000
Homeowner Emergency Repair Program $50,000
Disability Ramps Program $100,000

Public Services
Public Service – CR Works $65,000
Public Service – We Care From the Heart $17,000
Public Service – GHCS Food Pantry $34,000
Public Service – Parents as Teachers $42,500
Public Service – Youth Sports Program $85,000
Public Service – Child Care Vouchers $34,000
Public Service – McAuley Clinic $42,500
Public Service – Legal Aid $25,500
Public Service – Big Brothers Big Sisters $8,500

Capital Improvements and Economic Development
Economic Development Loan Program $250,000
Demolition $100,000
Section 108 Loan Repayment $362,000
Public and Facilities Improvements $100,000

Program Administration $388,334
Contingency $17,338
TOTAL $1,971,672

Homeless Shelter Operational Support $80,000
Rapid Re-Housing and Homeless Prevention Program $83,635
Program Administration $13,268
TOTAL $176,903