Hammond Restaurant Boasts Success

CATEGORY: Economic Development, Mayor's Office, News

A formerly vacant commercial development has become home to the Region’s highest performing Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings located at 2942 Carlson Drive, Hammond, IN has done a phenomenal job maintaining its high revenues. The company has been operational for only three months, but already is on track to becoming a high sales grossing store. The restaurant is located in Oxbow Landing, a new commercial development.

Many restaurants were offered the opportunity to locate in Oxbow Landing, but declined stating the lack of adequate lunch sales would preclude the success of many food-oriented businesses. Assistant Managing Partner, Michael Benjamin said that couldn’t be further from the truth, stating that 25% of his revenue is derived from lunch sales. Mayor McDermott states that “A City with over 80,000 residents can definitely support multiple dining options.”

Michael Benjamin explains that Hammond’s “business friendly’ environment allows his company to prosper. When asked what he feels contributes to his success, he firmly stated, “the removal of the sound wall to increase visibility; support from the City; a strong police presence; and an overwhelming amount of community support.” He further acknowledged the company’s ongoing commitment to offering a quality product, with exceptional customer service separates them from others in the food service industry. “Consistency always creates credibility.”