Hammond Police Expand BlueNET to Include Citizen/Business Cameras

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Residents and businesses in Hammond are invited to participate in the Hammond Police Department’s new community / public safety technology partnership 

Today, the Hammond Police Department officially announces its latest public safety initiative designed to provide critical and actionable information that speeds up investigations and emergency response to help keep residents and businesses safer.

The Hammond BlueNET has been expanded to include a camera registry–an online portal for citizens to register their security cameras to help solve crimes in the community.  By setting up a voluntary camera registration process, the need for door-to-door canvassing is eliminated, and valuable time can be used elsewhere. Registering a camera with Hammond PD is FREE, quick and easily done through the self-service portal at hammondbluenet.org 

Residential or commercial property owners and businesses are invited to register their security cameras. Registrant information and any video files provided will be kept confidential and only used in the event of a criminal investigation or emergency incident.

Camera registration does not give live video access to the Hammond Police Department. It only gives them camera location and owner contact information to be used when an incident occurs.  Investigators will contact camera owners only if they need to view historical camera footage.  In the event of a theft, for example, police may request a store owner’s recorded video to quicken the evidence-gathering process.

In addition to the camera registry, Hammond BlueNET is offering the option to upgrade their video security systems to include live video feeds to the department.  It is important for you to know that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the privacy of individuals and ensure that the cameras are used in a responsible and ethical manner. For this reason, we use conditional camera access. Conditional camera access means the camera network’s owners have the ability to choose how and when their cameras are accessible to BlueNET. For example, the Hammond Police Department may choose to have access to street and public building cameras streaming live 24/7 based on the department’s policy. However, private businesses and schools may choose to only have their interior cameras accessible to the police department when an emergency situation arises. Other locations such as private residences and neighborhoods may choose to never establish a live stream from their cameras, and only register them in the event footage is needed during an investigation.

To register a camera with the Hammond Police Department, please visit hammondbluenet.org and follow the instructions.  Businesses or schools interested in integration can also begin the process on that website, but can call 219-852-6388 or email bluenet@hammondpolice.com for more information.

We are committed to keeping our community safe, and we believe that this latest addition to our BlueNET system is a valuable tool in achieving that goal. We thank you for your support, and we look forward to working together to make Hammond a safer place for everyone.