Hammond officer rescues woman from near drowning


By Carmen McCollum
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A Hammond police officer jumped into the water Thursday night, saving an Illinois woman from drowning when her car sank into the water off the roadway west of 136th Street and Sheffield Avenue on 136th Street.

Lt. Richard Hoyda said an unknown man called to the Lake County Central Dispatch about 9:23p.m. and reported that a vehicle was sinking into the water just off 136th Street.

The first officer to arrive on scene was Russell Moore.

“He said the 911 caller standing on top of a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu saying that someone was still inside of the vehicle,” Hoyda said.

“Officer Moore quickly removed several items of his police gear and jumped into the water. He was then able to smash out the driver’s side vehicle window as the vehicle continued to sink deeper into the water.

“Officer Moore then pulled an adult female from Glenwood, Illinois, out of the driver’s side window and brought her to safety,” Hoyda said.

He said the woman refused medical treatment at the scene. Hoyda said the Hammond Fire Department personnel also responded, and sent two divers into the water to make sure no one else was inside the vehicle. No one else was located, authorities said.

Police said the vehicle was then towed from its submerged condition. Hammond police Chief John Doughty commended Moore for his heroic efforts in saving the woman who was trapped inside of her vehicle.