Hammond City Council to Consider Food & Beverage Tax

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Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. announced a new funding source for the planned expansion of the Hammond Sportsplex and the construction of a Downtown South Shore Train Station on the West Lake Corridor commuter line, two pivotal developments in the City of Hammond. “I want to thank the Indiana legislature for giving the City of Hammond the ability to pass a food and beverage tax to help fund these important projects that bring people and revenue into our city,” said Mayor McDermott.

The proposed ordinance that will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Monday, June 10th will place a 1% tax onto food and beverage sales throughout the city. The revenue raised from the tax will help fund these transformative projects. This minimal 1% tax on food and beverages (for example, the tax on a $20.00 restaurant bill will be .20 cents) will add up and allow the city the needed funds for the construction of these projects.

The Hammond Sportsplex has been so successful since day one that the City of Hammond is already planning an expansion that will allow more tournaments to come to Hammond. This means more people staying in our hotels and more people eating at our restaurants. “It would be short-sighted of us not to expand our Sportsplex,” said Mayor McDermott. “The Sportsplex is a top destination for people all over the Midwest and we are bursting at the seams. This expansion will secure its success and bring even more people to our City. When they eat at our restaurants, they are helping to pay for this expansion too.”

In Hammond’s downtown, the City is designing and building a new train station on the upcoming West Lake Corridor South Shore commuter train line to help drive the revitalization of downtown. “This station is going to be a signature station along the new South Shore line and will complement all the work we are doing downtown to make our downtown walkable and accessible to people all along the South Shore line” stated Mayor McDermott. “Although this wasn’t part of the original Westlake expansion plans, we recognize how important this station is for Hammond and so we are building it on our own. Connecting new residents in downtown Hammond to Chicago, Michigan City, and South Bend is a huge step forward.”

With the support of dozens of local restaurants and food establishments in Hammond, this 1% food and beverage tax will help Hammond grow and expand and continue to be a vibrant city for people to work, live, and visit.