Hammond Announces Implementation of ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection Technology

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Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr announced an agreement with ShotSpotter, a leading gunshot detection technology provider, to install ShotSpotter in the City of Hammond. “I always want our police department to have the best technology at their disposal to combat crime, and ShotSpotter is just another tool for them to help solve crimes and also prevent and deter criminal activity in the city,” said the mayor.

The technology is the cutting-edge ShotSpotter gunshot detection system that will be placed throughout the city. ShotSpotter is the leading gunshot detection and location technology, enhancing law enforcement’s precision response to gunfire incidents, decreasing time to respond to the near exact location of gunfire.
“Our top priority is ensuring the safety of all Hammond residents,” said Chief of Police William Short. “By deploying ShotSpotter’s proven technology, we are adding an essential tool that will enable our officers to rapidly pinpoint and respond to gunfire, ultimately helping to save lives and increase crime incident awareness.”
ShotSpotter’s acoustic sensors will be installed in coverage areas across Hammond and connected to a centralized incident review center. Experts utilize multiple layers of analysis to accurately detect, locate and alert police of outdoor gunfire incidents in real-time. The system’s instant notification capability allows the closest HPD officers to be precisely directed to the scene, aiding in evidence collection, witness location, and apprehension of armed suspects.
The Hammond Police Department was the recipient of a $300,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance with the United States Department of Justice to help fund the ShotSpotter technology. Additionally, the mayor and all district council members have pledged part of their casino gaming funds to pay for this technology. “The City Council, Hammond Police Department, and my office have worked together on this to both fund and implement ShotSpotter in the city of Hammond. Its unanimous support is just another example of Hammond government working together to get things done for the betterment of our city,” said Mayor McDermott.  

The deployment of ShotSpotter is part of the city’s comprehensive strategy to reduce gun crimes through smarter policing practices. Officers will be equipped with a ShotSpotter mobile app to stream real-time gunshot data directly to their smart devices while on patrol. Analysts will probe ShotSpotter alerts to differentiate outdoor gunfire from other loud noises like fireworks or construction.