Franciscan Alliance Protest in Hammond

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Please join the Hammond Development Corporation, Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr., and other community leaders in a peaceful protest at 4pm this Friday, May 21, 2021 at Franciscan Alliance Hospital in downtown Hammond. The protest will begin at the Hammond Police Department (509 Douglas Street) and walk down Douglas Street to Franciscan Hospital (5454 Hohman Avenue).

The community will organize to protest the planned demolition of the Franciscan Alliance Hospital, a strong anchor in downtown Hammond for over 120 years, and the negative effect the proposed downsizing will have on Hammond and its surrounding communities.

“Hammond is the largest city in Northwest Indiana. It has areas of poverty and urban healthcare needs yet the Franciscan Alliance want to save money by demolishing 90% of the hospital,” stated Mayor McDermott. “This action will result in Hammond residents and other nearby areas without access to hospital-based health care. Urban cores around the country have seen disinvestment in healthcare and now Franciscan Alliance is trying to make Hammond part of the list of cities with a healthcare desert at the expense of those people that need healthcare in their community most,” said McDermott. “This decision is not putting Christian values and stewardship before profits and is inconsistent with what I hear at mass on Sunday,” said the mayor.

This closure will present a public health emergency in Hammond endangering the residents of Northwest Indiana’s largest city and putting at risk the urban poor and chronically ill who will now be forced to leave their city for healthcare miles away where Franciscan has invested their dollars in wealthier suburban communities. “It’s pretty obvious where they want to invest their profits—and it’s not where they’ve benefited from being part of a community for over 120 years,” said Mayor McDermott.

“Hammond and its residents, the very people who seek care under Franciscan’s mission, are very concerned about this downsizing and want to be heard,” said the mayor. “Coming together to peacefully protest will show the Franciscan Alliance leadership how important this cause is for everyone in Northwest Indiana. Franciscan’s financial goals should not trump the healthcare of thousands.”

Come be part of this peaceful protest Friday, May 21st at 4pm. Bring your signs. Raise your voice. Be heard.

For additional information, please call Hammond Development Corporation at 219-803-6300.