Responsible Bidder Pre-Qualification

Effective January 1, 2022, all contractors desiring to bid on any City of Hammond public works projected with a cost estimated to be at least $150,000.00 must submit a statement made under oath and subject to the penalties for perjury and the following supporting documentation.


  • INDIANA SECRETARY OF STATE ON-LINE RECORDS - A print out of the Indiana Secretary of State’s on-line records (dated within 60 days of the submission) reflecting that the prospective bidder exists, is current with all required Business Entity Reports and is eligible for a certificate of good standing OR a copy of a current Certificate of Existence from the Indiana Secretary of State:
  • BUSINESS NAMES FOR LAST 10 YEARS - Identification of all former business names used with the last 10 years;
  • COURT OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY VIOLATIONS - Any determination by a court or governmental agency that the prospective bidder violated any business-related federal, state or local laws;
  • EVIDENCE OF APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM - Proof of participation in an appropriate apprenticeship training program and evidence that that apprenticeship program has graduated at least five apprentices in each of the past three years;
  • WRITTEN EMPLOYEE DRUG TESTING PROGRAM - A written plan for employee drug testing;
  • MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE - The name and description of the management experience of the bidder’s project general manager or superintendent;
  • PROOF OF PROFESSIONAL OR TRADE LICENSE - Proof of any professional or trade license for any trade or specialty area in which the bidder intends to bid as well as disclosure of any suspension or revocation of any such license held by the bidder or certain officers or employees of the bidder;
  • SURETY COMPANY - Proof that the bidder’s surety company is an Approved Surety by the U.S. Department of Treasury;
  • TAX LIENS OR DELIQUENCIES - Disclosure of any federal, state or local tax liens or tax delinquencies;
  • STATEMENT OF PROPER JOB CLASSIFICATIONS - Verification that individuals who will perform work will be properly classified as either an employee or an independent contractor;
  • SIMILAR-SIZED PROJECTS - List of projects of similar size and scope that bidder has performed in Indiana within last 3 years;
  • BIDDER AND SUBCONTRACTORS QUALIFIED UNDER EITHER IC 4-13.6-4 OR IC 8-23-10 - Certification that bidder and subcontractors are qualified under applicable State statutes (contracts over $300,000.00 only);
  • LETTER DISCLOSING SUBCONTRACTOR NAMES, ADDRESSES, WORK TYPES - Provisional list identifying each subcontractor the bidder intends to employ.


The same information will be required of every subcontractor; however, it will be the responsibility of the successful bidder to submit the appropriate documentation to the City before the subcontractor starts work on the public works project. The City will withhold payment from any subcontractor who fails to submit the required information until the information is submitted to and approved by the City. Also, the City may require the successful bidder to replace a subcontractor.

Once the information submitted by the bidder or subcontractor is considered complete and timely by the City, the City may “pre-qualify” the bidder or subcontractor for bidding on future public works projects. That “pre-qualification” will exempt the bidder or subcontractor from the comprehensive submission requirements; however, in order to maintain that status, the bidder or subcontractor will have to complete an application to maintain its pre-qualified standing by December 31 of each year.

NOTE: The submission of materials to obtain qualification as a “responsive and responsible bidder” and the pre-qualification of any bidder or subcontractor, does not eliminate or replace the successful bidder or subcontractor’s obligation to provide any similar or additional documentation required by the City.

Submissions should be directed to the City’s Building Commissioner who is located in the Inspections Department on the ground floor of Hammond City Hall, 5925 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, Indiana. You are urged to make your submissions as soon as possible in order to have your “pre-qualification” in place for bids on upcoming public works projects.

Download: resposible_bidder_pre-qualification_form.pdf