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Permits Open for Public Comment

There are no permits currently open for public comment.


Public Comment Form

Use this form to comment on any of the draft permits listed above.

Complaint Form

Use this form to file a complaint regarding air or noise pollution.

Public Records Request Form

Use this form to request copies of permits, inspection reports, emission reports or other public records held by the department. As per city ordinance, a 10¢ per page copying fee will be charged. Records may be viewed free of charge. If you wish to view public records held by the department you still are required to submit the Public Records Request Form. Also, you must make an appointment with the department’s secretary at least 5 business days in advance of the date you wish to view the records. Note, some permits and reports are available online by clicking on the “Reference” link on the department’s main page.

Soil Lead Testing Request Form

Use this form to request soil testing and to allow the Department to access your property to perform such testing.

Application for Open Burning

Use this form to obtain permission to conduct open burning (bonfires, vegetation removal, etc.)

Application for Music Event

Use this form if you are planning an event which will include a band or D.J..


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