Employee Assistance Program

What is EAP?

Employee Assistance Programs provide voluntary, confidential counseling to employees and their families to help them solve problems that affect their personal lives and work performance. Keeping employees on the job, doing good work and feeling good about themselves is what this program is all about.

The EAP can be useful in circumstances that cause personal stress such as:

  • Marital Difficulties
  • Financial Pressures
  • Family Problems
  • Alcohol or Drug Issues
  • Emotional Problems
  • Legal Concerns
  • Career/Education Questions

What type of help is available?

Confidential sessions to determine the nature of the problem and to provide solution focused counseling.
Direct referral to the person, program or treatment facility to solve the problem effectively.
Follow-up to make sure the employee and/or the family member are satisfied with the help they are receiving.

When should I use your service?

Use it as soon as you need it! Problems don’t go away – they just compound themselves. Tensions from work are carried home and issues from home show up at work. You don’t need to feel trapped in a situation you can’t solve – Addiction and Family Care is there to help you. The counselors are trained to listen and recommend options which will help you resolve your special concerns.

Who is eligible?

Employees and/or their immediate family members.

What are the costs?

The Employee Assistance Program is provided as an employee benefit. If a referral for additional counseling or other assistance is needed, the EAP counselor will recommend the best service at a reasonable cost. The employee will be responsible for these costs. In some cases, insurance benefits will cover some of the expense.

Is the EAP really confidential?

Yes. Everything discussed in EAP sessions is confidential.

  • No information is entered in an employee’s personnel records.
  • No information about an employee or a family member problem is discussed with anyone in or outside the company without written consent.
  • All records of an employee’s participation in the EAP remain the sole property of Northwest Resources.
  • If an employee contacts the EAP directly, the employer will have no knowledge of the employee’s participation in the EAP.
  • In a situation in which job performance problems have been noted, a supervisor may suggest the EAP to an employee. It is the employee’s choice whether or not to contact the program. In most cases, no information will be exchanged between the EAP and the supervisor. Only in situations in which the supervisor, and the employee agree, will the supervisor be informed that the employee is keeping appointments and following through on the EAP’s recommendations.

To make an appointment or to receive more information:

Contact the EAP. Calls made after hours will be received by an answering service and forwarded. An EAP Counselor will answer questions and offer an appointment. Evening appointments are available. Counseling offices are conveniently located through Northwest Indiana.




1-800-747-7262  or  219-662-3730