Speakers Bureau

Serving the City of Hammond by providing speakers for schools, special interest groups and service organizations.

City employees, elected officials and volunteers from the business community make up a collection of people whose backgrounds, skills and talents serve as a primary framework for the governing of Hammond. The speakers program is designed to increase interaction with citizens across the city.

The City of Hammond Speakers Bureau is a program with great reach. It can be applied to many different audiences. To create this initiative, we’ve recruited City of Hammond employees to volunteer as public speakers on various topics. Through searching our networks, a list of topics have been generated that can appeal to groups with different interests. We encourage organizations, seeking expert lecturers, to use the Speakers Bureau as a resource tool.


There are three ways to request speakers:
A. E-mail your request to mayor@gohammond.com
B. Fax the request form to 219-931-0831
C. Phone in your request at 219-853-6301

2. Initial confirmation will be a telephone call. You will receive final confirmation via a mailed or faxed letter.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with requests for topics not listed here. We will do our best to meet your needs!



  • Police Communications
  • How Does Your Police Department Work?
  • Domestic Violence: The Judicial Response
  • Drugs & Alcohol: A Judicial Perspective
  • Gangs & Juvenile Crime
  • How the Criminal Justice System Works
  • Overview of the City Court System
  • Special Programs for Schools
  • Traffic Court/DUI Court
  • How to make your home or business more secure


  • Housing in the City of Hammond
  • Business Development Process in Hammond
  • Code Enforcement


  • Elections & How They Work
  • The Right to Vote
  • Voting Equipment Demonstrations/Mock Elections
  • What Should I Do if I am Out of Town During an Election?
  • Who, What, Where, When of Voter Registration


  • City Government & Legislative Issues
  • How to Do Business With the City of Hammond
  • What is City Government?


  • Training Your Workforce/TQM in Government
  • GED Preparation
  • Adult Education
  • Computer Education
  • Vocational Programs
  • ESL-English as a Second Language


  • First Aid/Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Inspection/Prevention
  • General Safety & Survival Line
  • Evacuation & Preparedness
  • What is a Fire Department?
  • Disaster Management


  • 5-Year Street Improvement Plan
  • How Do You Rebuild a Road?
  • Making & Using Maps/GIS System
  • Transportation Planning in Hammond
  • What is a Speed Study & how is it Used?
  • Winter Maintenance Operations
  • How Do Intersections Work?


  • Call for a list of agencies


  • Program Development
  • Understanding Your Parks
  • Swimming Pool Safety
  • Civic Center History
  • Bike Path
  • Lakefronts


  • Call for a list of agencies