Historic Preservation Commission

The purpose of the Hammond Historic Preservation Commission to preserve, protect and enhance buildings and places or areas within the city that possess particular historical, cultural or architectural significance. The purpose of such preservation, protection and enhancement is to promote the educational, social, cultural, economic and general welfare of the residents and visitors to the city. To achieve these purposes, it is intended that historic districts/landmarks and related regulations be used to prevent or hinder inappropriate alterations of buildings of historic or architectural value, to preserve the essential character of neighborhoods and to assure that new buildings or structures constructed in neighborhoods and districts of historic or architectural value are designed and built in a manner which is compatible with the character of the neighborhood or district.

The Hammond Historic Preservation Commission is composed of nine members appointed by the Mayor. Appointments are confirmed by the Common Council. The members shall be interested in the preservation and development of historic buildings and areas.

The Commission shall attempt to reflect representation from one of the following categories:

  • Certified architect/Hammond licensed contractor/professional Indiana licensed engineer
  • Owns/leases property in designated local historic district or landmark
  • Historian
  • Licensed Real Estate broker/banker/local developer

Historic Preservation Commission Members

Member Position Term
Patrick Swibes Chairperson – General Interest in Historic Preservation Expires: 08/31/22
Janet Evans Vice-Chairperson, Property owner in Historic District Expires: 08/31/24
Kevin Clutter Historian Expires: 08/31/25
Anne Taylor Property owner in Historic District Expires: 08/31/22
Laurie Czulno General Interest in Historic Preservation Expires: 08/31/24
Debbie McGough General Interest in Historic Preservation Expires: 08/31/22
Chris Jones Real estate broker/banker/local developer Expires: 08/31/25
Amanda Aguilera General Interest in Historic Preservation Expires: 08/31/22
vacant Architect/Contractor/Engineer

Upcoming Meetings

Historic Preservation Commission meetings are scheduled on the first Tuesday of the month and begin at 5:30pm. All meetings are held in the Common Council Chambers at Hammond City Hall.

06aug5:30 pm6:30 pmHistoric Preservation Commission

Full Meeting Calendar

Video Archive

Historic Preservation Commission meetings are streamed live at www.gohammond.tv.

Last 5 Meetings:

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Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Information for the Historic Preservation Commission can be submitted by sending it to the following address:

Hammond Historic Preservation Commission
Department of Planning and Development
Hammond City Hall, Room G17
5925 Calumet Avenue (map)
Hammond, IN 46320

Telephone Inquiries: (219) 853-6397 Ext. 3