Neighborhood Development

The City of Hammond for the social betterment of the community formed the Hammond Community Corporation in 1997. The organization is designed to grant financial assistance to Hammond not-for-profit organizations to enrich the quality of life in our community.
  • North Township Trustee – 219-932-2530
  • Habitat for Humanity – 219-845-9820
  • Hammond Hispanic Community Committee – 219-932-4800
  • Indiana Development Finance Authority – 317-233-4332
  • Salvation Army – 219-838-0380
  • School City of Hammond Building Trades Program – 219-933-2400
  • Catholic Charities – 219-844-4883

In addition to the above, local banks are good sources for special equity and repair loans.

The Department of Planning and Development owns 34 properties located throughout the city of Hammond. In an effort to be a good neighbor these properties are contracted out to Hammond City lawn maintenance companies to be cut. These lots are cut twice a month from May to September, then once every three weeks after that until November of that year. The program contracts begin July 1st of each year and will be enforce until June 31st of the following year. These contracts are advertised in local newspapers and awarded to local venders. Other properties are also cut by Planning and Development’s maintenance man and supervised by Neighborhood Coordinator, Phil Venecz.
The Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities exists for two purposes. It provides guidance to the City of Hammond in matters concerning disabilities, and it works with other Hammond organizations to link services to individuals with disabilities. The majority of Commission members are disabled themselves; other members serve as advocated for the disabled.

The Commission, formed in 1985, holds monthly meetings, sponsors a ramp assistance program that provides assistance to residents with the installation of wheelchair ramps , and hosts an annual awards breakfast that honor individuals, local businesses and organizations that have improved the lives of the disabled. The Mayors appoints people who live and/or work in Hammond to the Commission. Each member serves a three-year term and may be reappointed.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became a federal law in 1990. It forbids discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals on the basis of physical or mental handicap. This law is designed to end most physical barriers to disabled persons in employment and in the use of accommodations, transportation and telecommunications.