Business Licenses

Business TypeFeeApproval RequiredExpiration DateRegulating OrdinanceDownload
Amusement Devices$50.00 amusement device
$50.00 jukebox
$50.00 pool table
Board of WorksDecember 31st112.020 to 112.027
112.045 to 112.047
Auto Dealer$100.00Board of Works, Zoning, Building, Fire, PoliceDecember 31st112.020 to 112.027
112.045 to 112.047
Bowling Alley$10.00 per laneZoning, Building, Fire, & PoliceDecember 31st112.050Download
Exhibitions$100.00 per dayNONEValid for event date112.003Download
Festivals$100.00 per dayNONEValid for event date112.004Download
General Business$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire, PoliceJune 30th8590Download
Hotels & Motels$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st121.31Download
Junkyard$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st118.01 to 118.07Download
Massage Therapist$100.00Chief of Police,
City Controller, Health, Zoning, Building, Fire
December 31st121.40 to 121.43Download
Massage Therapy Clinic/Spa$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st121.40 to 121.43Download
Mobile Catering$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire, Health & PoliceDecember 31st3387Download
Pawnbrokers & Cash for Gold Dealers$100.00 plus $500.00 Surety BondZoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st118.15 to 118.22Download
Pet Shops$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire, Health & PoliceDecember 31st112.15 to 112.21Download
Public Garage$100.00
Insurance Requirements:
$10,000 Property Damage
$15,000 Bodily Injury
$30,000 Accident
Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st123.10 to 123.14Download
$150.00 (if alcohol served)
Zoning, Building, Fire, Health & PoliceDecember 31st117.10 to 117.12Download
Retail Sales & Retail Food$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire, Health, & PoliceJune 30th117.70 to 117.71Download
Second Hand$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st118.25Download
Replacement Sticker $20.00
PoliceDecember 31st94.01Download
Skating Rinks$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st112.080Download
Tattoo Parlor & Piercing$100 per Licensed Artist
$1,000,000 Insurance
Fire, Secretary of the Board, Zoning
December 31st127.01 to 127.99Download
Taxi Cabs$130.00 per cab
Insurance Requirements:
$500,000 Injury
$500,000 Property
Must be inspected by Weights and Measures.
Proof of insurance & registration.
December 31st125.01 to 125.27Download
Theaters$100.00Zoning, Building, Fire & PoliceDecember 31st112.085 to 112.086Download