“Grandparents” moneygram scam!

Recently an elderly lady was preyed on by scam artists. She received a phone call from a subject that identified himself as her grandson.  He stated that he was in an auto accident and needed money. In addition, the suspect asked his grandmother to wire a large sum of money to a Moneygram location in Quebec Canada.  He told the victim he was vacationing in Canada when the accident occurred.

“Grandmother” sent the money, fake grandson picked it up.  Grandmother got suspicious and called real grandson who was healthy, happy, and sitting at home in the United States.  This is a common scam.  The Moneygram pick up locations in Canada do not ask to see ID, at least that’s what my investigator friends have told me.  Please inform family and friends of this scam.  It is an oldy but a goody that preys on a grandmother’s protective instinct.

Don’t fall for this stuff! If you are not 100% sure the caller is your family member or intimate friend, start asking questions !!! Call other relatives or friends who know the caller. Start checking around!!!

Chief Brian Miller

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