Weather is improving… Almost.

Today the temperature rose to 3 degrees above zero. I know it’s not much to cheer about, but it’s better than -15. With a favorable forecast for the remainder of the week I would like to remind residents to shovel out those snowbound vehicles parked on the street. The streets are narrow with the large piles of snow and we would like to assist the Hammond Public Works Department in their efforts to clean them up. We will begin red tagging cars tomorrow and Thursday and start towing cars 72 hours later. We feel that’s more than enough time to clear off the cars and get them started.

I am extremely grateful for my police officers. Many residents had their cars pushed out of snow banks by Hammond officers. I know it’s part of “To Protect and Serve” but I’m thankful that they did such a good job.

Chief Brian Miller

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  1. Anderson says:

    Sorry to bother u about this but this morning a gray Suzuki from 4733 Torrence ave was towed because she parks in the middle of the street we were happy because she was the only one in the street so now the plows can actually do their job now because everyone was moved she got her car back this afternoon and parked it right back in the same spot it was towed from right before the plow came so he still couldn’t do a good job because he had to keep going around her car

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