Artist Renderings of Downtown Hammond

Final Presentation:  Final Master Plan with Jeff Speck and Laurie Volk

@ Towle theater 11/20/19

Jeff Speck presents the Final Downtown Hammond Master Plan (video)
Executive Summary: An Analysis of Residential Market Potential.pdf

Second Presentation:
Jeff Speck's Downtown Hammond Draft Master Plan

@ Towle theater 8/6/19

Jeff Speck's Downtown Hammond Draft Master Plan (video)

First Presentation: Jeff Speck and David Dixon Presentation and Q&A

@ HAST 5/28/19

Jeff Speck - Towards a More Walkable Hammond

@ Towle Theatre 11/19/18

Jeff Speck at the Towle Theater (video)

Steering Committee

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. and City of Hammond thank the members of the Downtown Hammond Steering Committee for their guidance, hard work and commitment throughout this planning process, and beyond.  With their continued support, the City of Hammond will be able to implement these amazing and influential plans for a revitalized downtown.  Together as a team, we will make a positive and lasting difference to our downtown and to the Region as a whole.


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