Clark Fields Subdivision - Real Estate Auction

August 3, 2023 at 5:30pm


Legal Notice
Sale of Real Estate - Clark Fields Subdivision
Residential Lots 1-21 and 25-37
Public Auction
August 3, 2023 at 5:30pm
Lost Marsh Golf Course
1001 129th Street
Hammond IN 46320

Notice is given that the City of Hammond Redevelopment Commission (HRC) will offer at Public Auction certain parcels of real estate more particularly described as Clark Fields Subdivision Lots 1 thru 21 and Lots 25 thru 37 and depicted and/or described on Exhibit “A” (the “Residential Parcels”) on August 3, 2023, at 5:30 o’clock p.m. The auction will be held at the Lost Marsh Golf Course, 1001 129th Street, Hammond, Indiana 46320. The Residential Parcels will be offered individually. No participant or affiliated person or business entity may purchase more than three (3) Residential Parcels.

To be eligible to participate in the Public Auction, participants MUST REGISTER BEFORE THE AUCTION. Registration is available at City Hall, 5925 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, Indiana 46320 at the Redevelopment Department Office, Room 315. YOU MUST REGISTER on or before 4:00 p.m. local time, August 3, 2023, (“the Registration Deadline”) to be eligible to bid at the auction. The registration forms will be available at the Department of Redevelopment located at City Hall 5925 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, Indiana 46320. The registration form must be filled out completely and signed. Each person or entity registering must affirm that they are ready, willing, and able to participate in the auction, and sign an offer sheet which represents and affirms the registrant’s written offer of the minimum price for each parcel being offered at the auction on those parcels the registrant chooses to participate in at the auction.

The auction will begin promptly at 5:30 o’clock p.m. central time on August 3, 2023, at the Lost Marsh Golf Course, 1001 129th Street, Hammond, Indiana 46320. Lots will be sold via public auction in sequential order beginning with Lot 1 and ending with Lot 37. Each lot shall be sold to the highest offer received.

The Public Auction and Offering of the Residential Parcels is made on the conditions set forth below:

Purchasers will be required to build a single-family residential structure with a minimum square footage of 2,000 for a ranch and 2,500 for a two-story structure with an attached garage and in compliance with the recorded Covenants, which are available for review at City of Hammond Department of Redevelopment.

The highest offer/bidder on each Lot shall enter into a Purchase Agreement with the HRC within twenty-one (21) days of the Auction. Failure to execute a Purchase Agreement may void the sale, and under those circumstances, HRC reserves the right to offer the parcel for sale on terms and conditions determined by the HRC.

Full renderings and plans of the house shall be provided by Purchaser, and approved by the city planning department, building department, and any other required department within twelve (12) months of the entering into the Purchase Agreement. Construction of the new single-family residential structure shall begin within eighteen (18) months of the entering into of the Purchase Agreement.

All Residential Parcels are being sold AS IS.

Title Insurance
HRC shall provide insurable title to the Buyer at the time of closing.

Closing Date
The Transfer of title (deed) and closing will not occur until the plans are approved by the appropriate city departments and construction is ready to commence. Failure to comply with the Purchase Agreement requirements will result in forfeiture of the earnest money deposit and the re-offering of the lot on terms and conditions determined by the HRC.

Minimum Offer
The minimum bid for each parcel shall be as follows:

Lot Parcel Number Address Hammond IN Minimum Bid
Lot 1 45-03-07-307-006.000-023 2204 Lake Ave $15,000.00
Lot 2 45-03-07-307-007.000-023 2210 Lake Ave $16,000.00
Lot 3 45-03-07-307-008.000-023 2216 Lake Ave $16,000.00
Lot 4 45-03-07-307-005.000-023 2233 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 5 45-03-07-307-004.000-023 2221 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 6 45-03-07-307-003.000-023 2215 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 7 45-03-07-307-002.000-023 2209 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 8 45-03-07-307-001.000-023 2201 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 9 45-03-07-306-008.000-023 2204 Stanton Ave $14,000.00
Lot 10 45-03-07-306-009.000-023 2210 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 11 45-03-07-306-010.000-023 2216 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 12 45-03-07-306-011.000-023 2220 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 13 45-03-07-306-012.000-023 2230 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 14 45-03-07-306-013.000-023 2242 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 15 45-03-07-306-007.000-023 2249 Stanton Ave $14,000.00
Lot 16 45-03-07-306-006.000-023 2239 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 17 45-03-07-306-005.000-023 2231 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 18 45-03-07-306-004.000-023 2223 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 19 45-03-07-306-003.000-023 2215 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 20 45-03-07-306-002.000-023 2209 Stanton Ave $16,000.00
Lot 21 45-03-07-306-001.000-023 2201 Stanton Ave $15,000.00
Lot 25 45-03-07-305-005.000-023 2220 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 26 45-03-07-305-006.000-023 2228 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 27 45-03-07-305-007.000-023 2236 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 28 45-03-07-305-008.000-023 2242 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 29 45-03-07-305-009.000-023 2250 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 30 45-03-07-305-010.000-023 2302 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 31 45-03-07-305-011.000-023 2310 Davis Ave $18,000.00
Lot 32 45-03-07-305-012.000-023 2316 Davis Ave $17,000.00
Lot 33 45-03-07-308-007.000-023 808 123rd Pl $14,000.00
Lot 34 45-03-07-308-006.000-023 816 123rd Pl $15,000.00
Lot 35 45-03-07-308-004.000-023 2315 Davis Ave $15,000.00
Lot 36 45-03-07-308-003.000-023 2307 Davis Ave $15,000.00
Lot 37 45-03-07-308-002.000-023 838 123rd St $15,000.00

Earnest money in the amount of $10,000.00 will be due and payable at the Public Auction. Earnest money payments shall be made payable to the City of Hammond Department of Redevelopment and must be paid by cashier’s check or money order.

The balance of the highest/winning offer shall be paid at closing.

HRC has caused to be prepared the Plat as an exhibit listed below (the “Exhibit”), and HRC will make this Notice and Exhibit “A” available at the City of Hammond Department of Redevelopment for examination and use by all interested persons.

Exhibit “A” Plat of the Residential Parcels.
You are encouraged to visit the Residential Parcels as the property is open to the public. Any questions regarding the Residential Parcels can be directed to the Redevelopment Executive Director, Anne Anderson, 5925 Calumet Avenue Suite 315, Hammond, IN 46320, 219-853-6508 Ex. 8.

HRC reserves the right to cancel the auction and to determine the terms and requirements of sale of the Residential Lots in its sole discretion.

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