Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr.

Mayor McDermott Comments on Cell Phone Safety for Children

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Hammond Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. is asking parents to talk with their children about safe and smart cell phone safety.

With the increasing number of children using cell phones, especially children under 12, it is imperative they know when and where to use their phones.  When used appropriately, a cell phone keeps kids in touch with you and the people they care about.  When used in the wrong way, it can be a distraction or even a hazard. 

For example, we all know not to carry a large amount of cash in our hands while walking, biking, or skateboarding in public. Yet, we have no problem talking on our $500 cell phones while doing these same activities. By doing so, we make ourselves vulnerable to our surroundings and anyone wishing to do us harm.

“It is not my intention to scare anybody, but to make them aware of the vulnerability of our children with cell phones in public,” stated Mayor McDermott.  “Staying focused on one activity at a time can help keep them safe.”