JOB POSTING: Kennel Master

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Police Department - Animal Control

Job Title:

Kennel Master

Date Requested:

October 28, 2021

Date Needed:



$39,535.00 annually/full-time

Job Requirements:

  • Possess a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Ability to pass a Voice Stress Analysis, Psychological Evaluation, Drug Screen and Oral Interview
  • Ability to pass an FBI/NCIC (Federal Bureau of Investigation/National Information Center) criminal history screen and Hammond Police Department background check
  • Certified to euthanize or tranquilize animals
  • Work with animals without undue fear or apprehension
  • Knowledge of tranquilizing equipment and use of same
  • Able to withstand abnormal sights (i.e. injured, dead or mutilated animals)
  • Understand animal diseases and preventative measures while managing kennel
  • Complete understanding of local animal ordinances and quarantine procedures
  • Ability to distinguish various animals by breed and age
  • Ability to operate two-way radio
  • Possess verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to operate a personal computer and basic office machines
  • Cannot have a felony conviction

Job Duties:

  • Drive Animal Transport Van to assigned locations in response to request to retrieve stray, injures, diseased, vicious, quarantined or dead animals
  • Assist at front counter when required
  • Clean office area and restrooms as required
  • Maintain inventory of all medication and general supplies
  • Compile list of all lost and found animals
  • Process adoption and/or impoundment of animals when required
  • Maintain computerized records/reports on animal bites
  • Feed and water animals on daily basis, clean shelter area daily
  • Euthanize, tranquilize, or treat sick, injured or unwanted animals when necessary
  • Medicate all animals when necessary, especially those that are adopted
  • Record disbursement of all medications as required by State and Federal statutes
  • Perform the duties of Kennel Master when that employee is on vacation or ill
  • Administer the quarantine program including all policies and procedures
  • Organize and manage kennel area of shelter
  • Supervise and screen potential animal purchasers
  • Communicate with wardens and office using two-way radio
  • Respond to all emergencies (dead, injured, or vicious) animal calls after normal hours
  • Perform necessary minor maintenance and repairs as needed
  • Performs others duties as required
Hiring will be done in accordance with Hammond City Ordinance #8620 as it pertains to the residency requirement.
Position will be posted internally from October 28, 2021 until November 3, 2021. If position is not filled internally, it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.