JOB POSTING: Electrical Inspector

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Inspection Department

Job Title:

Electrical Inspector

Date Requested:

May 23, 2023

Date Needed:



$59,474.00 annually

Job Requirements:

  • Thorough knowledge of local, state, and national electrical codes for inspection
  • Knowledge gained through training and classes to keep informed on new and existing code changes
  • Practical experience in industrial, commercial, and residential wiring (at least 5 years)
  • Ability to read blueprints and electrical diagrams
  • Ability to technically communicate with contractors, home owners, and utility on code requirements
  • Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle and be insurable
  • Ability to physically make inspections
  • Must be bondable

Job Duties:

  • Serves as Electrical Inspector of the Building Department and conducts electrical inspections of buildings and dwellings within the city
  • Maintains records of permits and inspections
  • Inspects buildings in 3 stages or more if required (before floors are poured, after rough work is completed and finally upon completion)
  • Inspects building and/or dwellings damaged by fire and determine the work necessary to restore service and make them safe
  • Serves on the Electrical Commission reviewing and testing all applicants for an electrical license
  • Works in conjunction with Northern Indiana Public Service Company when providing new service or restored service to a building
  • Issues permits for installation and alterations of electrical work
  • Review blueprints to see that they meet local, state, and federal codes and specifications
  • May write city codes based on National Electrical Code
  • Perform reconnect inspections for gas, electric and water
  • Perform HVAC mechanical inspections for commercial and residential buildings
  • Performs other duties as required.


  • Perform the same basic duties daily
  • Apply specific codes and laws to determine electrical compliance of structures when performing inspections. The purpose and guidelines of the work are outlined in the Cities Municipal Code and the National Electrical Code.

Personal Work Relationship:

  • Cooperate with Building Commissioner, assist Heating, Plumbing, and Building inspectors where possible
  • Contacts are with electrical contractors, home owners, and builders to examine and approve or reject electrical installations
Hiring will be done in accordance with Hammond City Ordinance #8620 as it pertains to the residency requirement.
Position to be posted internally only from May 23, 2023, until May 30, 2023. If position is not filled internally it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or n more than 10 days.