JOB POSTING: Customer Service

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Water Department

Job Title:

Customer Service

Date Requested:

October 1, 2021

Date Needed:



$37,998.76 (during 90-day probationary period) $42,772.00 (after probationary period)

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
  • Ability to deal tactfully with the public
  • Ability to operate a computer, typewriter and calculator
  • Knowledge of departmental procedures and procedures
  • Knowledge of standard office procedures
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics

Job Responsibilities:

Incumbent’s responsibilities include answering questions regarding bills, in person by phone and in correspondence, signing up customers for new service, issuing permits for hydrant usage and new taps. Detailed instructions are given at the onset of assuming the position. Incumbent performs routine tasks daily, which require minimum supervision. Unusual problems would be discussed with supervisor at the employee’s discretion.

  • Investigates customer complaints with water bills, meter readings and service
  • Performs general clerical work; composes and types routine correspondence
  • Writes orders for new service and signs contracts
  • Schedules and writes orders to initiate and terminate service
  • Investigates discrepancies reported by customers with water bills and meter readings, determines cause of problem, takes action accordingly
  • Answers telephone, determines nature of business, answers questions or refers to appropriate party
  • Prepares various departmental reports
  • Performs related duties as required

Personal Work Relationships, Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Contacts are with the supervisor, co-workers, and consumers for the purpose of resolving complaints concerning water department services. Incumbent must use diplomacy while conferring with irate consumers. Work is performed in a standard office environment.

Hiring will be done in accordance with Hammond City Ordinance #8620 as it pertains to the residency requirement.
Position will be posted internally from September 21, 2021 thru September 27, 2021. If the position is not filled internally, it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.