Job Posting: Athletics Supervisor

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Department: Parks and Recreation

Job Title: Sportsplex Athletics Supervisor

Date Requested: August 24, 2020

Date needed: ASAP

Salary: $50,000.00 annually – full time

Hiring will be done in accordance with Hammond City Ordinance #8620 as it pertains to the residency requirement.

The primary function of the Athletics Supervisor is to oversee athletic programming as assigned at the Hammond Sportsplex. Athletics Supervisors will need a specialization of one of the following: basketball, soccer, or volleyball. This includes but not limited to events staff, scheduling, leagues, programming, training, teams, membership, and marketing of the facility. This includes ensuring the safety and quality of the facility while providing recreational use by guests. Due to the varying nature of the work, evening and weekend hours are expected.

Works under the general supervision of the Sportsplex General Manager for the Parks and Recreation Department. This position is part of the Hammond Parks and Recreation administrative team.

Supervises and directs all staff and contracted employees or agencies as related to scheduled activities, operations and event staff of the Sportsplex when on duty and as required.


  • Prepare annual budgets for area of responsibility and work within those guidelines
  • Knowledge and skills of planning, organizing and conducting a wide variety of recreation programs and the development of new programs including basketball, soccer and volleyball programs, events, leagues and tournaments as well as other activities and events that can be held in the Sportsplex
  • Organize leagues, lessons, programs, and special events to meet the needs of all ability levels and ages
  • Ability to act as league and/or tournament director for leagues and/or tournaments hosted directly by the department
  • Seeks out activities and events for the Sportsplex and coordinates contracts for Board consideration
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, scheduling and evaluating all assigned events, activities and staff
  • Keep records of activities and attendance to evaluate effectiveness of services
  • Hire, supervises, trains, schedules and evaluates all staff for athletic programs, events and activities which includes the building which includes scorekeepers, game officials, trainers, coaches, and associated staff to ensure first-class activities and events
  • Facilitate effective communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills with customers and staff specific to programs, activities and facility operations
  • Implements rules, procedures and fees as approved by the Board of Park Commissioners for registration, staff, and all other necessary requirements
  • Trains staff to maintain the facility to a first-class level for the City of Hammond
  • Keeps accurate records per policy including timesheets as required for supervised staff as required
  • Assigns specific tasks to College Bound Volunteers, Community Service Workers, and/or Volunteers or other assigned employees to perform work to meet department goals or program needs
  • Follows and initiates the correct procedure during emergency situations (weather, medical, etc.)
  • Observes all regulations that pertain to you as a staff member and oversees the same for supervised staff
  • Trains and performs other duties as assigned to ensure a quality user experience for all involved
  • Acts in a hospitable manner during facility use and ensures the same of other supervised staff and game officials
  • Perform other duties as required and other tasks as assigned

Serves as a member of various employee committees, as assigned.

Position will be posted internally from August 24, 2020 thru August 28, 2020. If the position is not filled internally it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.

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