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Inspections Department

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Department Overview

The Inspections Department is a combination of three departments, Building Division, Code Enforcement Division and Zoning Division.  The Inspections Department oversees the demolition or repair of unsafe structures in the City. The Chief of Inspections also works closely with the police and fire departments, as well as, the Economic Development department in an effort to provide a safe community.

The department’s office is located on the Ground Level of Hammond City Hall.


James W. Callahan, Chief of Inspections
Kiki Ballentine, Administrative Assistant
Andrea Edwards, Office Manager

Building Division

Kurt Koch, Building Commissioner
Amanda Osvalds, Administrative Assistant
David Hein - Chief Electrical inspector
Bob Vale - Building & HVAC inspector
Homer Smith - Part-time Building inspector
Darryl Ammon - Part-time Plumbing inspector
Craig Bell - Part-time Plumbing inspector

The Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits and performing inspections for construction and remodeling projects within the city limits.

Permits enable the city to enforce provisions of the Indiana Building Code and local ordinances. These codes provide a minimum standard for protection of life, health, property, and public welfare.

Building Department staff also oversees contractor registration. Any contractor, sub-contractor, or specialty contractor working within the city limits must be registered with the city. If an unlicensed contractor is found performing construction work, of any kind, with in city limits, they are subject to court proceedings instituted by the Building Commissioner.

Plumbing Inspector

The Plumbing Inspector performs inspections of new or remodeled water, drainage, waste, vent and sewage systems to ensure plans, materials and work quality meet plumbing code standards. They also advise contractors, plumbers and the general public on plumbing codes, installations and requirements to receive permits.

This line of work requires extensive knowledge of materials and practices used in making plumbing installations, a $5,000 license/permit bond, recorded by the Lake County Recorder, Certificate of insurance with Workers Compensation and $100 for processing fees. A State Plumbing license is required to perform any plumbing work in the City.

Plumbing permit fees are determined by the number of fixtures, water service, sewer tap and public right of way openings. The minimum permit fee is $45 this includes the first 3 fixtures, each fixture then after is $15, each water service is $25, each building or storm sewer, sewer tap or to open any street, alley, public right of way or any other public property is $50.

Heating & Cooling Inspector

This line of work requires extensive knowledge of materials and practices used in making heating installations, a $5,000 license/permit bond, recorded by the Lake County Recorder, Certificate of insurance with Workers Compensation and $100 for processing fees.

In order to obtain a Hammond City Heating license you would have to take an examination, given quarterly on the first Tuesday of the month. For additional information please feel free to contact our office.

Heating permit fees are $30 for the first $1000 total cost of installation, repairs, or alterations and $11 for each additional $1000 cost. If contractor is also doing A/C work add $10 for the electrical permit.

Electrical Inspector

Electrical Inspectors inspect new or remodeled electrical wiring and fixture installations in commercial and residential structures to ensure that materials and quality conform to electrical code specifications and requirements. They advise contractors, electricians and the general public on electrical code, installation and permit requirements.

An Electrical Board congregates four times per year to give potential electrical contractors their licenses. Examinations are given under the National Electrical Code guidelines. After successful applicants are graded and advised by the board, they can receive their final license. All contractors must have liability insurance amounting to $100,000/300,000 and a $5,000 license/permit bond recorded by the Lake County Recorder, located at 2293 N. Main St., Crown Point, IN 46307.

An electrical permit fee depends on what type of work you are performing. For a permit to install New Service the fee for the first $1000 total cost would be $80 and $11 for each $1000 cost. A permit to perform an upgrade or repair to existing service would be $60 for the first $1000 and $11 for each additional $1000 cost.

Current Licensed Contractor List

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