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Sanitary District


Dr. Michael T. Unger, District Manager - Ext. 523

Business Office
Rachel Peterson, Business Manager - Ext. 503

Geographic Information System/Mapping (GIS)
Rebecca McKinley, Coordinator - Ext. 516

Sherry Sepiol, Quality Control Supervisor - Ext. 520

Rick Sutton, Asst. Director of Operations - Ext. 530

Jose Porras, Lead Supervisor - Ext. 526

Don Woodard, Safety Coordinator - Ext. 506

Sewer Maintenance
Scott Mitchell, Superintendent - Ext. 635

Jeff Massey, Coordinator - Ext. 524

The Sanitary District of Hammond is a separate governmental unit with bonding powers and its own governing body of five Sanitary Commissioners - four appointed by the Mayor of Hammond and one by the Town Council of Munster.

Board of Sanitary Commissioners

Stanley Dostatni – President & City Engineer
Ken Jakubczak – Vice President
Marty Wieglos – Member
Sam Dimopoulos – Member
Russell A. Snyder – Member appointed by Munster
Michael Unger - Secretary

The Board of Sanitary Commissioners meets the first Tuesday after the second Monday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Lab Building at the Columbia Avenue plant. A public expression period is included during each meeting.

Questions to the Board of Sanitary Commissioners may be directed to:

5143 Columbia Avenue
Hammond, IN 46327

The mission of the Sanitary District is to collect, transmit, store, and treat sewage and storm water from the City of Hammond and the Town of Munster, customer municipalities and industrial users and to discharge acceptable effluent into local watercourses, and to dispose of residual solids, all in a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally proper manner.

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