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City Engineer

Office Information
Hammond City Hall
5925 Calumet Avenue
Hammond, IN 46320
Phone: 219-853-6336
Fax: 219-853-6304
Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Get information about the Chicago Street widening project here.

Department Overview

The Engineering Department is responsible for fixing the city's roads and continually updating city maps, making infrastructure improvements, settling contractor payments, maintaining safety, approving design plans for developments and predicting future road projects.

Each year, the Engineering Department designates dates when they will begin work on specific projects. This future planning helps them to schedule contractors and will soon help residents avoid traffic jams caused by construction crews. This information will now be available at this site at the beginning of each year. Please allow for changes due to accidents of nature.

Engineering Department Staff

Stanley J. Dostatni - City Engineer
Mark Gordish - Asst. City Engineer
Jonathan Parker - Junior Engineer
Cathline Navejas - Office Manager
Cathy Kizziah - Accounting Clerk

City Hall Maintenance Staff

Mike Vanes - Maintenance Supervisor
Dave Emond - Maintenace/Electrical Specialist

Street Lighting Department

Frank Sarang - St. Light Manager
Edwardo D.Banda Sr. - Lighting Maintenance Specialist

The Street Lighting Department maintains all city owned metal light poles on city streets.

To report an outage on a city owned metal light pole contact us at the number above or use the contact link below.

Wood poles in alleyways and on city streets belong to NIPSCO.

If you would like to report the outage of a wood pole street light or alley light please contact NIPSCO here or call 1-800-464-7726.

Department Links

City Engineer
Streetlight Outage Report Form
Street Projects

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