Job Posting: Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator

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Department: Hammond Housing Authority

Date Requested: November 3, 2017

Date needed: ASAP

Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator

Salary: $33,000.00 per year/full-time

  • Job Requirements

    • High School Diploma or GED, minimum two (2) years applicable Public Housing experience;
    • Bachelor degree in Social Services or related field preferred;
    • Must have excellent math aptitude for rent calculations, good organizational & independent working skills, and ability to work in team oriented environment;
    • Must have good judgment skills and ability to problem solve;
    • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with employees and the public and deal with participants in a fair but firm and effective manner;
    • Ability to obtain FSS Certification within six (6) months of employment;
    • Must hold valid Driver’s License;
    • Experience with computers and data entry.
    • Must have experience working with local social service agencies to facilitate referrals.
    • Must have ability to coordinate Annual Job/Information Fair;
    • Must develop monthly newsletter.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

    • Responsible for overall FSS efforts in recruiting eligible participants to the program;
    • Responsible to promote the development of local strategies with public and private resources, enable eligible families to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency;
    • Counsels families for opportunities in education, job training, day care and other forms of social service assistance;
    • Meets with participants bi-monthly, in person or phone with prior arrangement;
    • Measure success of program by number of families achieving self-sufficiency;
    • Implement case management system to identify needs, planning and delivery of services to FSS family;
    • To document results of the program for HUD as well as use results for planning future programs operated by the Hammond Housing Authority;
    • Oversees and tracks the number of FSS families who obtain first job, obtain higher paying jobs; no longer need benefits from welfare programs, obtain High School Diploma and/or GED or post-secondary education degree, or accomplished similar goals to obtain economic independence;
    • Must identify needs of FSS families, and deliver services and activities necessary in cooperation with FSS Program Coordinating Committee;
    • Maintains productive working relationship with service providers. Must conduct field visits and ongoing outreach to agencies in the community to provide new services;
    • Responsible for family selection for program recruitment through presentations, briefings, re-certifications and interim re-examinations;
    • Responsible for all FSS Contracts, interim goals, Compliance with Lease terms, employment obligation, and non-compliance of Contract;
    • Maintains accurate and current files on each FSS participant. Files will include, but are not limited to services and training plans, monthly status reports, bi-monthly interviews, record all client contact, including disciplinary actions, terminations and contact with service providers;
    • Responsible to review with HVC Director, on monthly basis, FSS Escrow Accounts (disbursements and completions) for family, forward documentation to Finance Department;
    • Responsible for initial and ongoing accuracy of Escrow Accounts
    • Responsible for all FSS Program reporting requirements to H.U.D.;
    • Conducts personal needs assessment – identify services needed for each family, match services and providers with participant and make referral for services;
    • Responsible to identify any barriers that may hinder family from achieving self-sufficiency, Coordinator will counsel and refer to appropriate agencies;
    • Responsible for monitoring service providers on delivery of their services;
    • Provide three critical ingredients for families striving toward self-reliance, advocacy, technical assistance and supportive counseling;
    • Determine through internal monitoring & reporting:
      • number of families obtaining employment not previously employed,
      • number of families obtaining better paying jobs,
      • number of families obtaining General Equivalency Diplomas, or post-secondary education degrees,
      • number of families increasing income level to exceed need for housing subsidies,
      • number of families becoming homeowners;
    • Monthly progress reports for Executive Director and Board of Commissioners;
    • Responsible for scheduling meetings; developing agenda, sending to Program Coordinator Committee Meetings, distribution of pertinent information for meetings and preparing Meeting Minutes;
    • Develop brochures, notices, newsletters and related literature for FSS Program;
    • Provide information to Executive Director;
    • Completes annual and interim exams for FSS participants;
    • Assist with all duties of the HCV Department
    • Any and all other duties or responsibilities as determined by HVD Director

This list is not all encompassing with detailed duties to fulfill the general functions of the position.

Any and all other duties and/or responsibilities as determined by the Executive Director.

Position will be posted internally from November 3, 2017 thru November 9, 2017.  If the position is not filled internally, it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days.

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