Job Posting: Civic Center Building Engineer

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Department: Park Department

Job Title: Civic Center Building Engineer

Date Requested: May 31, 2019

Date needed: ASAP

Salary: $19.08 per hour days / $19.44 per hour afternoons

  • Job Requirements

    • Ability to work mainly at Civic Center, but also at other parks and recreation facilities as needed
    • Familiarity working with a boiler heating system
    • Past pool and/or spa maintenance experience
    • This shift will mainly be the 1st shift as well as regular hours on certain Saturdays as scheduled during facility hours. Will be required to work as scheduled to optimize building utilization including some Sundays based upon scheduled events and activities
    • Friendly, social person who can interact with the public on a daily basis and still be able to complete the tasks as required
    • Familiarity with sports and recreation activities as required for set up, take down and operations of the facility
    • Be able to locate supplies and equipment within the building
    • Supply own tools for various maintenance needs
    • Have knowledge of location of circuit breakers and water valves
    • Maintain basic knowledge of chemicals used daily throughout the buildings
    • Proper knowledge for flood control and clean-up
    • Familiar with physical layout of buildings, spaces and access panels
    • Ability to follow and issue written and verbal instructions
    • Ability to use a wide variety of hand and small power tools, and cleaning instruments
    • Ability to shovel snow, operate snow thrower as necessary
    • Ability to detect probable maintenance problems and perform necessary repairs
    • Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle
    • Knowledge of standard practices and procedures, materials and tools used in plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as general carpentry and painting
    • Ability to be on-call for weather related emergencies due to facility serving as an emergency warming or cooling center
    • Preference will be given to candidates with a certified pool operator (CPO) status
    • Ability to operate a forklift
    • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • Job Duties

    • Monitor and assist custodial staff and all events that take place within the building
    • Maintain swimming pool, steam rooms, and Jacuzzi within proper limits for use including meeting standards for Lake County Health Department
    • Install, operate, and maintain electrical apparatus in the building and for special events
    • Plan, coordinate and implement set-ups for various functions held within the building
    • Perform various building and grounds maintenance: facility trash/recycling, window installation, carpentry, plumbing, fitness equipment repair, painting and patching, tile installation, lock installation, truck unloading, change of motors and pumps, landscaping and masonry work, etc.
    • Schedule, track and maintain service records of facility equipment
    • Maintain security of building and the surrounding grounds area
    • Responsible for opening and closing of facility as scheduled
    • Provide assistance in routine and non-routine cleaning
    • Generally tasked with keeping the facility welcoming, neat, clean and safe for users of all operations
    • Perform other duties as required
    • Reports to Building Manager(s) and/or Park Administrator



Position will be posted internally from May 31, 2019 until June 6, 2019. If the position is not filled internally, it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.

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