Job Posting: CDL Driver

CATEGORY: Job Posting, News, Personnel

Department: Public Works Department

Date Requested: June 29, 2020

Date needed: ASAP

Job Title: CDL Driver – Sanitation

Salary: $11.00 per hour (starting pay) $19.68 per hour (after probationary period)

  • Job Requirements

    • Must have valid CDL license
    • Ability to lift 50 pounds
    • Able to follow written and verbal instructions
    • Able to legally operate all departmental vehicles
    • Able to perform basic maintenance of large trucks
    • Knowledge of city streets and alleys
    • Knowledge pf departmental operations and safety rules and regulations
    • Required to join union in 30 days – probationary period is 90 days
    • Will be on call for emergency weather conditions

  • Job Duties

    • Able to work in all weather conditions
    • Responsible for light maintenance of truck
    • Performs other duties as required



Position will be posted internally from June 29, 2020 thru July 6, 2020. If the position is not filled internally it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The position will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.

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