Job Posting: Assistant City Planner

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Department: Planning and Development – City Planning

Job Title: Assistant City Planner

Date Requested: July 2, 2020

Date needed: ASAP

Salary: $55,000.00 – $60,000.00 Annually (full-time)

  • Job Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Real Estate, Public Administration, Business Administration, or graduate degree with one year experience
    • Have one (1) year experience in planning profession
    • Has significant knowledge of all aspects of Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations for planning and zoning including Housing, GIS, Census Data, Flood Plain, and other Comprehensive Plans, Zoning, Subdivision or Historic Preservation Ordinances
    • Eligible for AICP

  • Job Duties


    • Administers functions of Zoning Office
    • Responds to inquiries regarding zoning, land use, subdivision, and developmental provisions from public and other City departments
    • Review site plans and development projects to determine compliance with zoning codes. Works with developer to find reasonable way to meet codes
    • Administers improvement location permit program
    • Supervises the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant City Planner
    • Supervises the maintenance and updating of the zoning administration records performed by Administrative Assistant to the Assistant City Planner
    • Provide staff support and serve as technical advisor to the Hammond Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Review and evaluate BZA petitions for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and assist petitioner in preparing documentation to the BZA
    • Prepare written staff reports and recommendations to the BZA
    • Acts as Zoning Compliance Officer and coordinates between Code Enforcement Department and City Planning. Appears in City Court on behalf of the Department as may be necessary
    • Acts as flood plain program manager. Responds to inquiries regarding flood plain zones and review elevation certificates
    • Provides technical assistance to the Director of City Planning regarding zoning and development projects

    Plan Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Redevelopment Commission

    • Assists Director of City Planning in the administration of the City Plan Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Redevelopment Commission
    • Prepare written recommendations for and make presentations to the Boards and Commissions when necessary

    Housing/Real Estate

    • Acts as Real Estate Manager for the Redevelopment Commission
    • Acts as liaison to housing organizations and attend meetings as necessary
    • Assists in managing of the Redevelopment Commission’s property asset list
    • Order and review appraisals from independent appraisers

    Research/Special Projects

    • Assists Director of City Planning in the Census programs
    • Research census data for the Department of Planning and Development
    • Researches and assists in the preparation of amendments to the Hammond Zoning Ordinance, zoning petitions, subdivision petitions, etc.
    • Assists Director of City Planning in preparation of neighborhood revitalization plans, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, and residential or commercial development plans
    • Performs related duties as assigned

  • Essential Job Functions

    • Communicates effectively orally and in writing using proper English
    • Deal tactfully and professionally with public and city officials
    • Operate computer, related software, and databases without technical assistance
    • Has experience in supervising staff
    • Able to work in a cooperative and team approach manner within department and with other departments
    • Able to work independently and be self-motivated
    • Operate a motor vehicle legally
    • Ability to attend evening meetings



Position will be posted internally only from July 2, 2020, until July 9, 2020. If the position is not filled internally it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) days. The post will remain posted until filled or no more than 10 days.

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