Job Posting: Accounts Payable Clerk

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Department: Hammond Sanitary District

Job Title: Accounts Payable Clerk

Date Requested: March 14, 2019

Date needed: ASAP

Salary: $35,699.82 – 37,740.04 DOQ annually/full time

  • Job Requirements

    • Five (5) years business experience
    • Knowledge of accounting theories, principles and practices
    • Knowledge of standard office policies and procedures
    • Ability to type with speed and accuracy and to compose routine correspondence
    • Ability to be flexible and deal tactfully with people on the telephone as well as with other department personnel
    • Ability to read and understand standardized departmental documents
    • Ability to back up other clerks
    • Ability to maintain filing system
    • Knowledge of general office procedures and basic bookkeeping procedures
    • Experience with Microsoft Office

  • Job Duties

    • Acts as an assistant to the Business Manager for Accounting and Records
    • Match materials/service requisitions with invoices
    • Review all materials/service requisitions for authorization
    • Process claims through final phase, making sure all legalities have account numbers on which checks are able to be written
    • Receive incoming bills to verify approval and assign cost information for all funds of the department, detailing where cost is assigned according to the activity undertaken
    • File and maintain all paid bills and account numbers
    • Input data into system, balance reports with hard copy file, validate output and correct data
    • Provide data for federal reports and staff as needed
    • Train backup staff in operation and input of data
    • Maintain system integrity (back-up)
    • Issue purchase orders for all District departments as well as receiving and checking claims
    • Answer calls pertaining to accounts payable
    • Date, stamp, and file copies of purchase orders
    • Board meeting duties as assigned
    • Any other duties assigned by Lead Accounts Payable Clerk, Business manager, and/or District Manager
    • Performs other duties as requested

  • Responsibility

    Work must be performed without direct supervision, and requires much detail and accuracy. Majority of work involves telephone and personal contact.

  • Personal Work Relationships

    Contact involves immediate staff, city employees, financial institutions and governmental agencies.

  • Work Environment

    All work is performed in a standard office environment.

Position will to be posted internally from March 14, 2019 thru March 20, 2019. If position is not filled internally, it will be held open for external applications an additional ten (10) working days. The position will remain open until filled or no more than 10 working days.

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