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Zoning Administration

The Zoning Ordinance and its associated Zoning Map define the specific categories or districts where residential, commercial, industrial and other types of land uses are allowed to be located. The document provides the details of what can be developed in the particular districts and how it can be developed. The Zoning Ordinance also defines the developmental procedures for a particular land use or developmental consideration. The current Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance #8514) became effective on October 21, 2003. This document upgrades and replaces the previous ordinance which dated from 1981.

All new construction must be approved and issued an Improvement Location Permit by the Zoning Department prior to receiving a Building Permit.

The Zoning Office also provides staff support to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning Ordinance #8514, Effective October 21,2003

R-1 Single Family Residential District

Allows for single family homes on minimum lot size of 60ft. by 125ft. Allows for limited commercial and institutional uses as a conditional use.

R-1U Urban Single Family Residential District

Allows for single -family homes on smaller lots (40ft. Width). Designed for older single family areas of the City that were constructed on smaller lots. Allows for a limited number of commercial and institutional uses as a conditional use, and a limited number of multi-units.

R-2 One to Four-Family Residential District

Allows for single family up to 4 residential units. Allows for a limited number of commercial and institutional uses as a conditional use.

R-3 Medium Density Residential District

Allows for single and multi-family residential units up to 12 units per acre. Allows for a limited commercial and institutional uses, as a conditional use.

R-4 High Density Residential District

Designed for large apartment complexes. Allows for single and multi-family up to 43 units per acre on parcels greater than 3 acres or 18 units on parcels less than 3 acres.

C-1 Local Commercial District

Allows for generally recognized retail businesses that meet the day-to-day services and shopping needs of the persons residing in adjacent residential areas.

C-2 Shopping Center District

Allows for the grouping of buildings in such a manner as to permit a convenient retail shopping center with adequate parking. C-1 uses are also allowed.

C-3 Central Business District

Designed for downtown office businesses and retail center. Allows for multi-story commercial and office buildings.

C-4 General Commercial District

Allows for uses in other commercial districts, as well as restaurants, contractors, automobile sales and service, designed for highly trafficked areas.

I-1 Light Industrial District

Permits heavy commercial and light manufacturing activities which would be expected to have truck traffic and loading operations, including contractors, equipment repair, food processing, warehousing, fabrication and assembly.

I-2 Manufacturing District

Designed to provide suitable areas for heavy industrial development. Larger sites that require isolation from other uses. Truck traffic and loading operations are characteristics of this zone, including bulk storage, vehicle repair, manufacturing and warehousing.

S-1 Open Space and Recreational Facilities District

Allows only for cemeteries, parks, open space, marina, and other recreational uses.

S-2 Institutional District

Allows only for public buildings, schools, public transportation, hospitals, uses in the S-1 district are allowed as a conditional use.

S-3 Special Classification District

This district is specific to gaming operations.

PUD Planned Unit Development District

Flexible zoning district that allows for an approval process that can permit residential, commercial or industrial uses, or a combination, as long as the proposal is consistent with the comprehensive plan. Eight percent of the property must be set aside as open space.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals Members:

  • One member appointed by the Common Council.
  • One member appointed by the Hammond City Plan Commission from its membership.
  • Three citizen members appointed by the Mayor (one of which must be a member of the Plan Commission).

Current Members

  • Kathleen Hill, citizen member, Chairperson
    Term expires – 01/07/19
  • Roger Brock, citizen member
    Term expires – 01/01/18
  • Dennis Radowski, Common Council Representative
    Term expires – 01/06/20
  • Nancy Ragin, citizen member
    Term expires – 01/06/20
  • Thomas White, Plan Commission Appointment
    Annual term – 12/31/17

Information for the Hammond Board of Zoning Appeals can be submitted by sending it to the following address:
Hammond Board of Zoning Appeals
Zoning Office
5925 Calumet Avenue, Ground Floor
Hammond, Indiana 46320

Telephone Inquiries: (219) 853-6318

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