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Jun 17 2009

2009 “Senior” Prom

Published by Donna Muta under Special Events

On Wednesday, May 6 from noon until 3pm, Hammond Parks & Recreation held their annual “Senior” Prom at the Hammond Civic Center. We had 85 in attendance this year. I love this event. It always lightens my heart to see the senior citizens come out from all around the area to enjoy the festivities. This event is geared toward senior citizens aged 55 and over who like to socialize and dance. It gives them the opportunity to come out and mingle amongst their peer group, have lunch, and get some exercise. I like to watch the group dance. They dance old dance steps that the younger folks so rarely see today…and man, can they cut the rug! They look great all dolled up in their formal attire, and they move so gracefully. I always look at them with amazement and wish that my husband and I knew those dance maneuvers. I hope I look as good and physically fit as they are when I’m that age!

Each year, we nominate a King & Queen of the prom. Our winner for Queen of 2009 is Frances Scheffler, and our 200 King of the Hammond Senior Prom is Stanley Sperling. Congratulations to them both! Thank you to our gracious 2008 King and Queen, Les Schmock and Harriett Thoeson.

I really want to throw out some special thank yous for this event. The Hammond Civic Center staff is a great team. They work hard to make - not just this, but each and every event that is held at the grand ole lady - a fun, beautiful, safe and smooth-running affair. They all deserve special recognition. Check out the photo of me, Michelle and Annisha with the King & Queen.

I go out and solicit area companies for door prize donations each year. I want to acknowledge the companies that answer the call again and again: Horseshoe Casino, Hammond Public Library, Ramada Inn Hammond, Pepsi, Jefferson Street Flowers, and Theatre at the Center in Munster, McDonald’s and Hammond Parks & Recreation. Because of the generosity of these companies, we had tons of door prizes available for the seniors! The door prize portion of this event is something the seniors really look forward to. They love to have their number called and leave with a nice gift! It seems to add a little something exciting for them that we normally don’t do at the regular ballroom dance. Thank you to all of the companies who continue to support this gala event.

Our bands for ballroom dancing have been provided by Hammond’s Department of Planning and Development for over 30 years! Our sincere thanks go out to them. This year is no exception. The Don Manin Quartet played for the folks longer than they were paid for and we thank them for that! The crowd was having such a good time; they played past 3pm for them! Well done to Don and the guys! We look forward to having you back again soon. Check out the photo of Don on the drums!

2009 Senior Prom  2009 Senior Prom 2009 Senior Prom

I’m working diligently on Festival of the Lakes right now. I’ll get back to you as time permits…it could be a while!


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