Chief Brian Miller

I have served as a Hammond Police Officer for 17 years. In my last assignment, I was a detective in the violent crimes division. I served as a sex crimes and burglary investigator. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Indiana University. I was appointed as your Chief of Police in January of 2004.

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  1. David Perez says:

    Chief Miller,
    As I come to the end of my first year as Dean of Students at Hammond High School I want to thank the HPD for the excellent support they have provided to me in as an administrator. Having worked at Gavit for many years and receiving outstanding support from Officer Burgos and hearing such negative comments regarding HHS; I did not know what to expect in regards to support from your staff.

    Officer Frank Herrera is to be commended for his staffing and selection of dedicated officers who really want HHS to succeed and make things better in the community. They are dependable, always accessible, compassionate and really work extremely hard to help our students and their parents. They have counseled our students to make better choices, worked the hallways to ensure a safe environment and have made a strong presence in and outside the building before and after school. They have made the extra effort to attend extra-curricular events on their own time (athletic events, choral performances, prom, etc.) that sends a message to our students that they really care.

    The officers are Aubrey Thomas, Walter Peterson, Gabe Gutierrez, John Suarez, Rob Trost, Yon Fletcher, Russell Moore, Scott Jajowka, Justin Palas and Boyzie Coulter.
    This team of officers have helped change the perceptions of HHS as we continue to graduate more students, reduce the number of expulsions and make central Hammond a safer neighborhood.

    Please convey my appreciation to these hard-working and dedicated men!!

  2. Judith Koonce says:

    Dear Chief Miller,
    I just learned you are the Chief of Police for Hammond. I remember you patrolling Charles N. Scott Middle school during the school day in the mid 1990′s; it was great to get to know you as a child. I remember you were very good with all of the kids and made us feel safe and comfortable. It is great to hear you are Chief of Police for the City Of Hammond. Stay safe & Keep up the great work!Judith K.

  3. Shannon Johnson says:

    Dear Chief Miller,
    I have a 25 year old daughter that lives in Hessville with my 3 grandbabies and my on-in-law. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs about how effectively you and your teams are fighting crime in that area!! I live in a very small town in Iowa tha feels like taking a step BACK in time when you get there, so when I visit my daughter, it’s like another world to me.

    Please tell your men and women that I truly appreciate all of their hard work and efforts to keep my babies safe and able to play on their own street without fear!

    The Nana (Shannon Johnson)

  4. Chief Miller says:

    Wow, nice comment! We won’t quit! Lot’s more to get rid of! Thanks for the support!

  5. angela adams says:


  6. Marie Owens says:

    Chief Miller,
    I really enjoy your blog. I came across your site a few weeks ago and I have been reading it constantly. I was curious, do you accept guest writers? I am extremely interested. Please, contact me back at the attached email address. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your time.

  7. Don L Crozier Sr. says:

    Chief, I have been seeing on the News and the Hammond Times about a City Ord from 1991 that is was unlawful Even with a valid Gun Permit to carry a Firearm in a City owned building or Park ,I can understand I would hope Common sense would apply in the City Buildings Especially Court Rooms and it remains unlawful to have any kind of weapon unless one is a Law Enforcement Officer .

    The Park Could you Please clarify that ,Example I go Fishing sometimes late at Oxbow Park with the Grandkids and when the Housing Projects was there I always carried my legal Handgun with My PPP , I no longer do that ,But I do fish Wolf Lake sometimes until 3 Am . But now in what I have been Hearing a Person would be in Violation of the Law and could be arrested.

    As you know Hammond Parks closed at 11:00 PM Unless you are at one with a lake and posses a Valid Fishing Lic
    Could you if not to much problem please clarify this on Your blog or a direct E-Mail

    Thanks Keep up the Great work and Be Safe, PS I like the Way Chicago did the Gun Law, Yes You can carry a Firearm on Your Property but to be legal You must take a safety course and know How and when you can legally use the weapon and how to secure it Properly. I wish Indiana did that too.

    As You know we have to many weapons taken in Burglaries Etc. that wind up in the wrong Hands That makes it especially dangerous on the Streets For the law Enforcement and the Citizens

    Don L Crozier Sr..

    PS I think the Mayor and You should be able to Make special Ord and run the City Safely as you know it things are a lot different down State .

  8. Gerry says:

    A few years ago I filed a complaint and Chief Miller called me back and answered my concerns. He listened, was very responsive and showed me he was a man of honor. You probably wont remember me but you left a lasting impression on me. I wanted to thank you for your hard work.

  9. T says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, even though I am not living in Hammond anymore it’s good to get some news from the good guys every so often! I was even reading it from out in the middle of the Indian Ocean! Keep the updates coming and stay safe out on the streets.

  10. Johnny Carrillo says:

    Read your blogs in Colorado , and your doing a good job . I lived in hammond so I know how tuff your job is. I drove a bus there and I noticed how much hammond changed . I still say hammond is great .

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