Wow! that’s cold!

I don’t pretend to be an expert at anything except ditching chores on college football Saturday afternoons. With that said, I do have some experience in cold, snowy, winter weather. My climbing hobby has taken me to Mount Washington N.H. which is one of the colder, and certainly windiest places in America. Many bad things have happened to experienced and non-experienced climbers that have taken to the Mount Washington’s slopes without the proper cold weather gear. None of the victims of the mountain’s deadly storms planned to fail. They simply failed to plan. This week the region has been hit with severe weather. The cold weather is expected to continue through Thursday in with lows expected in the single digits to below zero. the wind chills may be 10-20 degrees below zero! When you travel outside please dress for the conditions. In fact, you should dress like you may expect to be stranded for awhile. Limit your travel and try to stay indoors if you can. In these conditions a car breakdown, or vehicle crash could turn into a life threatening event.

Stay warm and Happy Holidays!

Chief Brian Miller

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  1. Lynda Orzen Szeplakay says:

    I want to thank Chief Miller for his call this morning regarding an incident with my parents last week. My 89 year old mother had her purse stolen outside the Hammond post office. This being the second incident, I was quite upset and wrote an email to the Mayor’s office. It was a very pleasant surprise to hear from the Chief. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to ask for my concerns and listened when I had some suggestions. Don’t forget Facebook-that’s how the Oregon City Police get information out to the community ASAP!
    I spoke with my sister who lives in Hammond and told her about the call and passed along the name and number for the Community Police officer. My parents are still very shaken and pissed-not upset but mad- that this would happen again and to seniors. The Chief was very gracious with his offer to call my parents but if there is some one who could speak with them personally, I think that would really ease their concerns.
    Thank you once again for your prompt actions and concern. Your words were greatly appreciated. It is very easy to get distracted at this time of the year.
    Wishing you and your department a very Joyous Holiday Season!

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