The three suspects responsible for Saturday’s armed robbery of two Hammond Sanitation workers have been charged by the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office. Alfonso Juan Calderon age 20, Rafael Calderon age 21, and Raymond Rivera age 23 have all been charged with 2 counts of “B” felony robbery. In addition, Rivera was charged with one count of “D” Felony Pointing a Firearm and one count of “D” Criminal Recklessness. All three have been transported to the Lake County Jail. The three suspects accosted 2 sanitation workers who were picking up garbage in an alley (500 Chicago Ave.) and demanded their wallets and cellphones. One of the suspects struck a sanitation worker in the face, and Raymond Rivera allegedly fired his pistol in the direction of a female driver who was attempting to drive around the garbage truck during the robbery. The bullet did not strike the female or her car.

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  1. Johnny Carrillo says:

    Good job getting them jerks off the street .

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