At 11:23PM Saturday night (Jan 1oth) a shooting death occurred at McTavern’ s Bar (7400 Indy) in the West parking lot.  A 38 year old male and his girlfriend were getting out of their late model Escalade, when two male subjects approached them and attempted to rob the couple. The intended male victim took a handgun out of his car and shot one of the assailants in the chest.  The other suspect may have fired shots at the intended victim, and then fled.  The suspect got into a gray Cadillac and left North on Indianapolis.  Officer David Pardonek and several other Hammond Police officers pursued the Cadillac and it crashed in East Chicago.  The driver and passenger were apprehended.  Both are believed to be from Illinois and they may be convicted felons.  The shooting victim (alleged robber) was treated by Hammond Fire personnel but he expired before he could be transported.  The robbery victim that fired the shots has been compliant with the investigation and has turned over his handgun to police. The shooting victim has not been identified as of the time of this e-mail.  Detectives Zeke Hinojosa and Brett Plemons are conducting the death/robbery investigation and I will keep you posted when further details develop.


Chief Brian Miller
Hammond Police Department

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2 Responses to Shooting

  1. J.B. Blank says:

    Just wondering why McTavern’s hasn’t been shut down since this incident occured?

    While it appears that only the “bad guys” “lost”, and the victim(s) succeeded in not being victimized, it’s my understanding that a few months ago another shooting incident took place and the victim, apparently working as security for McTavern’s, was killed.

    I would remind everyone that in the past several years, Sebastians (located at Kennedy Ave. & 165th St.) was closed after the first shooting incident. For the most part, I believe it common knowledge that the same “bad” element that inhabited Sebastian’s are essentially the same individuals that now inhabit McTavern’s.

    It’s my opinion that, while I’m glad and relieved that the intended victims “won” in this latest incident at McTavern’s, Indianapolis Blvd should not be allowed to become some sort of “shooting gallery” for the clientele at McTavern’s. McTavern’s should be closed immediately, and remain closed, at least until the owners insure that this “negative clientele” have been permanently extricated from the list of clientele.

    Just my thoughts and opinions, Chief.

    Stay safe out there.


  2. Pj says:

    Because this was not in any way McTavern’s fault.
    This crime could have happened any where!
    Because of gangs,drugs, and our economy these crimes are happening all over lake county!
    So to everyone out there, be aware of your surroundings!. Be safe!

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