Busy Weekend

Whew! What a weekend. On Friday night (11:30PM) we responded to the 7100 block of Van Buren. Following a physical altercation, a suspect produced a handgun and fired several shots at some teenage males. Four were wounded, none seriously.

On Saturday night it was deja vu but worse. In the 2700 black of Cleveland St. (Hessville) officers responded to a shooting incident at about 11PM. This time six subjects were shot, three seriously wounded. All were teens and two young females were victims in this shooting. All will survive and recover, we have been told. We are working on leads at this time, if you have information about these crimes please call the Hammond Police Detective Bureau (219) 852-2906. We are not sure if they are related, but there is that possibility. There were alleged gang members among the victims, but we are not sure of a motive, yet. I should have more information for you tomorrow as my detectives take additional statements from witnesses.

Manhole cover

Manhole cover

In an unrelated matter, I’m asking for your help. We have had several manhole covers stolen from our streets. The cost of each is about three hundred dollars. In addition to the cost, it presents a serious danger to our motorists and children. If you see anyone around a manhole cover, please call our police department.

Best wishes,

Chief Brian Miller

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4 Responses to Busy Weekend

  1. Diane Brzycki says:

    Thank-you for all you do!
    Love your Christmas story!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks Diane! I think the same of our Fire Department.

  3. jEAN says:

    Just a curious question. Why must one even remember a lengthy phone number to call to get connected to the proper division. Why can’t one simply call 911 and the police dispatcher can forward the number to the proper division. I found myself hitting 911 while being tazered a few years back, and the policeman yelled at me, saying, “Next time, call us!” What the heck is 911 on your cell phone for? Is 911 now available and if you need a different branch, you must memorize the ten digit number or program it? It gets confusing. Thank you in advance.

  4. jEAN says:

    Oh, regarding the missing manholes. I would assume they are being stolen at night because any neighbors during the day would report it, right? So, why not pass an ordinance and try and promote it in nearby cities, etc., that if a scrap dealer is offered man-hole covers, they are to slip in the back of the room and call the 911 or area police number, and make it a crime to accept something like that as “scrap”? Just wondering.

    Wouldn’t it be wise for detectives to make unexpected visits to those scrap metal places like on Marble Street to look over the stored stuff? I think that would help, because many times when I dealt with them, I felt cheated and they an arrogant business. Their attitude is not in line with others I have dealt with over the years.

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