Burglars Beware!

In the last two weeks we have arrested several burglary teams.  Our Burglary detectives have been very busy interviewing and getting them charged. Many of the arrested suspects have told us what they look for when targeting a house.

Straight from the horse’s (burglar’s mouth)

They watch the target house for a week prior to breaking in.  They look to see if a car is in the driveway or in the street in front of the house. This indicates that someone may be home. The mailbox is a dead giveaway. If you have mail overflowing in your box, you’re not at home. Lights on? television on? They will probably look for another house. They do not want to enter an occupied home. They are afraid of being shot by the owner. They will knock on your front door and if you answer, ask for a fictitious person or say they are searching for a lost dog. They use females for this, no one gets suspicious of females. They break in when your not at home, during the day. Some start early, 7:30am.  Alarms? yes, the signs in the front yard are sometimes effective. Occasionally they will take a chance and break in, thinking they can snatch and grab before the police arrive. At one house, they broke through the window and only tripped the alarm when they exited the door. Window alarms and motion sensors would have prevented this.   No alarm? They will stay in your house for up to a half hour, carefully checking every door and closet.  Never in a house more than a half hour. They will take a television under forty inches. never bigger.  Ipads, androids, lap tops, jewelry, guns, and surprisingly, new and fashionable, shoes and boots. The jewelry is being pawned or dropped off at “cash for gold” shops.  Same with televisions and other electronics. Many of the Ipads and laptops are being sold ”on the street”. They don’t like big dogs, but often will break in anyway, and give them hotdogs so the dog will remain friendly.

Some of what they said was old news, some new.  I will be advising residents to leave a television on when they leave the house. It takes a very small amount of electricity to power an LCD or LED television and is cheap prevention.  Also, I remain a supporter of alarms, but be sure you have motion detectors.

Stay alert, call us if someone is knocking on doors in the neighborhood. They may be checking to see who’s home.

Chief Brian Miller

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2 Responses to Burglars Beware!

  1. Don L Crozier Sr. says:

    That is some very good info Chief Miller, Thanks for posting I would also like to add If Someone is a Victim of a burglary and Often the Police will catch them with the Stolen Property, In lots of cases The property cannot be returned to the Lawful owners because the Police has no idea who it belongs to, And You will have no idea how to ID Or Prove it belongs to you if recovered
    So Everyone should Make some type of ID is on their valuable items such as Pictures , Video , Engravings, Receipts and inventory This is Not only good for the PD but also their Insurance Company , And it is Tax Return time Some are buying New items Such as TV , Computers Etc . DO NOT Set the New Boxes outside for everyone to see that is an open invitation to the Criminal Mind.
    Believe Me when a Burglar is actually caught it is Not their first time It is a Crime of opportunity they normally do not want any kind of confrontation, So we the citizens need to be the Eyes and ears of the Police Department, the Old saying someone is a nosey Neighbor well in this case that could be a good thing it is better to for the PD to be called on a suspicious Person then they are checked out and a info Card is filed out and kept on record .
    But if they were up to no good I doubt if they will return because someone was alert and called that in and that is being a good neighbor
    Be Safe
    Hammond Resident
    Don L Crozier Sr.

  2. steve says:

    any updates on the burglars /scamsters targeting robertsdale ??????

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