Last minute frenzy!

Christmas shoppers

Christmas shoppers

I’m going Christmas shopping. Like many of you I’ll be venturing out to the stores in the hopes of a last minute deal.

A couple of tips…

Please don’t leave packages in plain sight in your car. I know it’s inconvenient to try to stick everything in your trunk, but it’s much safer.

As always, don’t flash cash, credit cards are preferable.

Please don’t buy something like a big screen tv, or DVD player from someone in the parking lot of one of our big discount houses. It’s either stolen, or a scam. We had an individual that was selling big tv’s to people going into a brand name store. He would tell them that he worked for the store (he even had a colored vest and a name tag). and would give them a receipt for any tv they wanted for half price. They would just have to go to customer service and pick it up. When the victim went to customer service, the clerk gave them a funny look and told them the receipt was a nice copy, but not real. Suddenly, the 500 dollar bargain, didn’t seem like much of a bargain. The tv salesman, and their Christmas money, was long gone.

Christmas shoppers

Christmas shoppers

Please don’t put presents around the Christmas tree where they can easily be viewed from a window. I know many of you will be away at church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and we want to avoid putting out too much of a display for burglars.

Tomorrow, when you open those electronic big box items, don’t put the box out by the trash can. It lets everyone know what goodies you got for Christmas. Cut up the boxes and put them in trash bags, drop them off at recycle bins. If you’re in a jam, come to the police station and put them by our garbage cans. No one will break into the police station to steal a flat screen tv. We have guns, and unpleasant dispositions from having to work the holidays (yes, it comes with the job).

Many of us like to have a drink on the holidays. Please don’t over do it, and most importantly, please don’t drink and drive.

It really doesn’t slow down around the police station for the holidays. Case and point, this morning Sergeant Keith Markert was dispatched to May st. in reference to a subject that was going door to door selling stolen X-box games, and threatening residents. I responded to back him up, because he supposedly had a gun. Upon arrival, Sgt. Markert was already taking a large knife off the suspect’s person and placing him under arrest. The subject has prior run-ins with our officers. Previously he had been arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer. Since the arrested was going to be missing the holiday celebrations with his family, I told Keith to sing him some Christmas carols to lighten the mood. I hope he didn’t sing “I’ll be home for Christmas”, because he won’t be.

Happy Holidays!

Chief Brian Miller

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