Hammond Police Department/Lake County Police Department Warrant Sweep

On Friday October 28, 2011 at approximately 6pm, The Hammond Police Department, along with the Lake County Police Department, performed a felony warrant sweep in our city. Sheriff Buncich arranged for Assistant Chief Dan Murchek and approximately 20 officers to come to Hammond, and work with our police department.

We put together teams of Lake County, and Hammond Officers and attempted to serve as many arrest warrants as possible. We were able to find and arrest eight subjects that had felony warrants. Lake County Police had brought their Police Transport Wagon with them, and also had jail officers assigned to process and transport our arrests.

Shortly after completing our warrant sweep, the two police departments ventured into Central, North Hammond, and finally Robertsdale neighborhoods to saturate some of our areas where we have had gang activity. Several more arrests were made by Lake County and Hammond Police Officers. Each time we made a traffic stop or initiated contact with pedestrians, The Lake County Police helicopter would hover directly overhead to provide assistance. That combined with the thirty extra police officers provided a much needed presence in our “active areas”.

While we were in the Robertsdale area, the combined units made a sweep of Myrtle Avenue (1000 block). It was in this area that we had one of our most unusual arrest. Police officers stopped a 16 year old male suspect that had suspected marijuana in his pocket. While officers were pat searching the individual incidentally to his arrest, they discovered an electronic monitoring device on his ankle. Turns out the troubled youth was being monitored by the juvenile courts because of pervious arrest and history. On this occasion, he had snuck away from his home to buy some marijuana at a nearby residence. When we informed the suspect’s mother of the boy’s arrest and his activities, she pretended not to know of his departure and feigned ignorance about his whereabouts. That is until one of our officers showed her the boy’s phone that contained a text telling mom he was leaving for awhile. Chief Murchek contacted the unit that was tasked with monitoring the boy and told them to expect his arrival at the Juvenile Center that evening.

At approximately midnight, the combined police team performed bar compliance checks at four establishments. One underage subject (18 years old) was arrested at La’ Rosas in the 6800 block of Indianapolis Boulevard. The Anchor Inn, Copper Penny, and Flick’s tap were also visited Friday night. No arrests or citations were issued at these locations.

Final Score:
8 suspects arrested for outstanding warrants (Lake County Police and Hammond Police)
5 gang affiliation identifications performed by Lake County Police Department
2 arrests for controlled substances made by Lake County Police Department
4 arrests for gang activity, and possession of controlled substances by Hammond Police Department

I want to personally than Sheriff John Buncich for sending Assistant Chief Dan Murchek, his helicopter, canine units, gang crimes unit, jail operations officers and their transport vehicle to Hammond to assist us in our never ending effort to discourage drugs and gangs, in our city.

Chief Brian Miller

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3 Responses to Hammond Police Department/Lake County Police Department Warrant Sweep

  1. Rodriguez says:

    Way to go Chief Miller and his officers! Is good to know that we are trying to keep our city a good palce to live.

    Thank you all.

  2. Brian Miller says:

    Thanks Mr. Rodriguez!

  3. steve says:

    way to go hammond police keep up the good work in robertsdale………have the lake co sheriff assist whenever they can.

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