Hot, Hot Hot…

Hope this finds you cool. I often comment how my young officers never let anything stop them from completing their mission. A few nights ago, I was patrolling in Central Hammond. A subject had walked into a convenience store, and the observant clerk thought she saw a pistol in his waistband. We responded in force and quickly corralled the individual. We believed that he tossed the pistol when he saw the responding squads so we began to search high and low. One of our officers surmised that the suspect (gang member) had thrown the pistol on a nearby business roof. We called the Fire Department for help, and they immediately responded ( the advantage of having a full time, professional Fire Department). They truly are the best. FD set up a ladder and three of my young officers scrambled up to the roof for a search.

I would love to provide a ‘blue sky ending” and tell you we found the gun on the roof. I could tell you that, but it would be a lie. We didn’t locate the gun, and after nearly an hour of searching, we had to give up and respond to other calls.

Disappointed, but undaunted, I went back to patrol duties. I left work that night with a good feeling. My officers really do give 100 percent of themselves performing their duties.

Life isn’t always perfect, but when I’m working the “Thin Blue Line”, it’s pretty close…

Your Chief of Police,

Brian Miller

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  1. Penny says:

    Thank you so much for posting on your blog. My husband and I appreciate it. We live in Hessville, on a fairly quiet street. Lately there has been numerous burglaries, including our garage.. Just last week a house down the street from us was raided (we think) Boxes were being carried out, and the rumor is they found some items that had been stolen out of a neighbors car. The last name is “Martin” the boys are very well know amongst the cops.. Could you blog about what happened, I have tried to call a couple detectives to see what is going on.. we like to stay upon what is going on in the neighborhood. I have lost many hours of sleep since we were burglarized, scared of who are these people out there doing this.. if these kids had anything to do with this I would love to know… just to keep us informed and know what is going on :) Thank you!

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